Course Syllabi

Syllabi are arranged by instructor. Syllabi are in PDF format.

Andrews, Dirk

HUMN-130: History and Development of Motion Pictures

HUMN-225: Humanities III

SPCH-111: Public Speaking

Arpin, Mike

HUMN-104: Introduction to Philosophy

HUMN-208: World Religions

PSYC-101: General Psychology

PSYC-101: General Psychology (Online)

PSYC-102: Developmental Psychology

PSYC-102: Developmental Psychology (Online)

PSYC-120: Psychology of Human Adjustment

PSYC-125: Human Sexuality

SOCI-101: Introduction to Sociology

SOCI-290: Problems in Sociology: Child Abuse

Barker, Don

BIOL-203: Anatomy and Physiology

BIOL-204: Microbiology

Burrows, Nancy

HPER-140: Individual Activity: Yoga

Butcher, Ryan

PREP-009: Written Communications

PREP-010: Developmental English

ENGL-101: English Composition I

Coltrane, Sarah

FLNG-103: Spanish I

Corle, Betty

PREP-008: Vocabulary Skills

PREP-010: Developmental English

DeRosa, Michael

ARTS-110: Photography I

ARTS-140: Art History and Appreciation I

ARTS-140: Art History and Appreciation I (Online)

ARTS-141: Art History and Appreciation II

ARTS-141: Art History and Appreciation II (Online)

ARTS-142: Introduction to Design

ARTS-144: Painting I

ARTS-147: Drawing I

ARTS-150: Ceramics I

ARTS-207: Sculpture I

ARTS-210: Photography II

ARTS-224: Painting II

ARTS-250: Ceramics II

BUSN-176: Experiential Leadership

PSYC-100: College Orientation

Greenfield, Johnie

PREP-009: Written Communications

ENGL-101: English Composition I

ENGL-102: English Composition II

ENGL-190: Introduction to Literature

FLNG-103: Spanish I

FLNG-104: Spanish II

Hart, Mark

MATH-105: College Algebra

MATH-115: Calculus I with Analytic Geometry I

Hurlbutt, Shari

COMP-162: Computer Concepts and Applications

COMP-245: Interactive Authoring: Adobe Director

COMP-256: Web Graphics (Photoshop/ImageReady)

COMP-277: Desktop Publishing: Adobe InDesign

COMP-282: Internet Navigation and Exploration

COMP-285: Image Manipulation: Adobe Photoshop

COMP-286: Illustration: Adobe Illustrator

Kastler, Michelle

MATH-105: College Algebra

Loomis, Wanda

ARTS-152: Elementary Art

Lumley, Amy

CHEM-101: Fundamentals of Chemistry     

CHEM-103: Principles of Chemistry I        

CHEM-104: Principles of Chemistry II and Qualitative Analysis     

PHYS-205: Physical Science

Manley, Megan

GEOG-120: World Geography

HIST-102: Early U.S. History

HIST-103: Recent U.S. History

McCloughan, Troy

ENGL-101: English Composition I

ENGL-102: English Composition II

Meek, Salina

ENGL-101: English Composition I

ENGL-102: English Composition II

ENGL-202: Creating Writing Syllabus

ENGL-207: Children's Literature

SPCH-111: Public Speaking

SPCH-211: Interpersonal & Group Communication (Online)

Nelson, Carolyn

BUSN-119: Personal Finance (Classroom)

BUSN-119: Personal Finance (Online Class)

BUSN-133: Business Math

BUSN-154: Computerized Accounting - Quickbooks (Online Class)

BUSN-171: Financial Accounting (Classroom)

BUSN-220: Business Communications

BUSN-221: Managerial Accounting (Classroom)

BUSN-260: Business Law I

ECON-205: Principles of Macroeconomics (Classroom)

ECON-206: Principles of Microeconomics (Classroom)

Oliver, Pam

BIOL-101: General Biology

BIOL-103: Environmental Science

BIOL-103: Environmental Science (Online)

BIOL-201: General Zoology

BIOL-202: General Botany

BIOL-206: Biology I: Cellular and Molecular Biology

BIOL-208: Biology II: Organismic Biology

BIOL-210: Pathophysiology (Online)

Payne, Kendall

COMP-123: Introduction to Computer Programming: Basic

COMP-161: Computer Information Systems

COMP-162: Computer Concepts and Applications

COMP-162: Computer Concepts and Applications (1 p.m. Class)

COMP-190: Microcomputer Applications I: Introductory Word

COMP-190: Microcomputer Applications I: Intermediate Word

MATH-250: Elementary Statistics

Peyton, Selma

PREP-008: Vocabulary Skills

Redden, Cari

EDUC-220: Pre-Professional Teaching Laboratory

FACS-107: Marriage and Family

Reeves, Aaron

PREP-005: Introductory Algebra

GEOG-120: World Geography

HPER-121: Golf

HPER-140: Individual Activity - Native American Leadership

Robison, Belinda

PREP-010: Developmental English

Thornburg, Darla

BUSN-133: Business Math (Online)

COMP-161: Computer Information Systems

COMP-162: Computer Concepts and Applications

COMP-195: Principles of Web Page Design

COMP-205: Web Design Technologies

COMP-284: Web Page Design: HTML/XHTML

COMP-296: Web Animation: Adobe Flash

COMP-297: Web Page Design: Adobe Dreamweaver

COMP-298: Special Projects

Twitchell, Allen

THTR-160: Theatre Appreciation

THTR-161: Stagecraft

THTR-164: Fundamentals of Acting I

THTR-170: Theatre Practicum

THTR-200: Playwriting

THTR-250: Musical Theatre Audition

THTR-264: Fundamentals of Acting II

Washburn, Emily

PSYC-100: College Orientation

Weber, Brad

PSYC-101: General Psychology

Willis, Ryan

ENGR-210: Engineering Physics I

ENGR-211: Engineering Physics II

MATH-102: Intermediate Algebra

MATH-105: College Algebra

MATH-115: Calculus with Analytic Geometry I

MATH-120: Calculus with Analytic Geometry II

MATH-202: Differential Equations

PHYS-203: College Physics I

PHYS-204: College Physics II

Wood, Jill

HUMN-218: Logic and Critical Thinking