Interactive Design

The Interactive Design program at Coffeyville Community College is designed to meet the needs of the technology age in this fast-growing and exciting medium.  Our program provides instruction in the planning, designing, and production of Web sites and other multimedia projects, Web graphics, Web animations, illustrations and print publications.
All of our courses provide hands-on training where students learn how to develop multimedia projects with text, graphics, sound, animation, and video as well as determine fundamental principles of design. 
Students also work with the community completing various projects for organizations, businesses and individuals.  These projects provide students with invaluable experience on how to meet the needs of the customer and how to complete a project from start to finish. 
For more information about the Interactive Design program, please contact:
Darla Thornburg
Interactive Design Instructor
620.251.7700, ext. 2122
Shari Hurlbutt
Interactive Design Instructor
620.251.7700, ext. 2024