Phi Theta Kappa Officers (2016-2017)

Phi Theta Kappa Officer Lisha LambName: Lisha Lamb.
Office: President.
Transfer Plans: Undecided.
Activities: Powerlifting at CCC. FFA, PUPPS, NHS, track and field in high school.
Hometown: Coffeyville, Kan.
Interests/Hobbies: Working out, listening to music, walking/exploring the outdoors.
Future Plans: Become a pediatric physical therapist.
Phi Theta Kappa Officer Kenneth DodsonName: Kenneth Dodson.
Office: Treasurer.
Major: Horticulture.
Transfer Plans: Kansas State University.
Activities: Band, theatre.
Hometown: Coffeyville, Kan.
Interests/Hobbies: Music, agriculture.

Phi Theta Kappa Officer Courtney HambletonName: Courtney Hambleton.
Office: Secretary.
Major: Physical Therapy.
Transfer Plans: Wichita State University.
Activities: Phi Theta Kappa at CCC. High School: National Honors Society, HOSA.
Hometown: Coffeyville, Kan.
Interests/Hobbies: Traveling and spending time with family and friends.
Phi Theta Kappa Officer Russell CashmanName: Russell Cashman.
Office: Vice-President of Alumni Relations.
Major: Nursing.
Transfer Plans: Bartlesville Wesleyan.
Activities: Phi Theta Kappa, volunteer firefighter/EMT.
Hometown: Caney, Kan..
Interests/Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, politics, religion, training for work, cooking, decorating, spending time with my kids.
Future Plans: Family nurse practitioner.
Phi Theta Kappa Officer Ray GaroutteName: Ray Darbro.
Office: Vice-President of Communications.
Major: Library Science - Archives and Research.
Transfer Plans: Undecided.
Activities: Phi Theta Kappa, work at the public library, work in the CCC Art Department as an assistant to the Art Director, full-time student.
Hometown: Coffeyville, Kan.
Interests/Hobbies: Reading, playing with my dog Theodore, crocheting, designing clothes to sew and other crafty things.
Future Plans: I plan to on and get a bachelor's and then a master's degree in Library Science, focusing on archives and research. I hope to one day work in the archives of a large museum or research library.
Phi Theta Kappa Officer Meaghan RetteleName: Meaghan Rettele.
Office: Vice President of Scholarship.
Major: Pre-Pharmacy.
Transfer Plans: University of Kansas.
Activities: Playing and teaching piano.
Hometown: Coffeyville, Kan.
Interests/Hobbies: Music, hanging out with friends and family, involving myself in community events and volunteer service.
Future Plans: I plan to attend CCC for one year before transferring to KU to complete my pre-requisites to be admitted to KU Pharmacy School. I plan to have a career as a pharmacist and to also teach piano lessons.
Phi Theta Kappa Officer Wendy MejiaName: Wendy Mejia.
Office: Vice President of Membership.
Major: Communications and Broadcasting.
Transfer Plans: Undecided.
Activities: Phi Theta Kappa.
Hometown: Independence, Kan.
Interests/Hobbies: Watching movies, playing piano, and like working with cameras.
Future Plans: My future plans are to attend a four-year college and get a bachelor's degree in film. After that, I plan to work as a director for New Line Cinema.

Phi Theta Kappa Officer Timothy MundayName: Timothy Munday.
Office: Vice President of Public Relations.
Major: Physical Education.
Transfer Plans: Pittsburg State University.
Activities: Powerlifter for CCC.
Hometown: Caney, Kan.

Phi Theta Kappa Officer Cristin ShepardName: Cristin Shepard.
Office: Co-Vice President of Service.
Major: Agriculltural Communication and Agribusiness.
Transfer Plans: Oklahoma State University.
Activities: Phi Theta Kappa, livestock judging, agriculture club, Collegiate Farm Bureau.
Hometown: Caney, Kan.
Interests/Hobbies: Reading, exploring outdoors, singing in my car.

Phi Theta Kappa Officer Tomecca AndrewsName: Tomecca Andrews.
Office: Co-Vice President of Service.
Major: Nursing.
Transfer Plans: Pursue BSN of Nursing.
Activities: Phi Theta Kappa.
Hometown: Coffeyville, Kan.

Phi Theta Kappa Officer Michael GalvanName: Michael Galvan.
Office: Co-Vice President of Fellowship.
Major: Pre-Med.
Transfer Plans: Plan to transfer to Texas A & M or Missouri State and transition into biomedical sciences.
Activities: Soccer at CCC, Boys and Girls Club staff member.
Hometown: Waco, Texas.
Interests/Hobbies: Travel, read and attend to community service projects. Water sports, nature walks, music and chess.
Future Plans: Plan to apply for medical school and then move to California. Later in the future, work abroad.

Phi Theta Kappa Officer Courtney CraneName: Courtney Crane.
Office: Co-Vice President of Scholarship.
Major: Pre-Vet.
Transfer Plans: Transfer to four-year, University of Florida.
Activities: Digital communications, former CCC softball player.
Hometown: Wichita, Kan.
Interests/Hobbies: Art, sports, traveling.

Phi Theta Kappa Officer Andres MoraName: Andres Mora.
Office: Vice President of International Students.
Major: Computer or Electrical Engineering.
Transfer Plans: Transfer to Texas A & M or Texas Tech.
Activities: Soccer player at CCC, Student Council in High School.
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela.
Interests/Hobbies: Soccer, world news and politics, music and DJing.
Future Plans: I plan to get my bachelor's and master's degrees with excellent grades. Start working and also studying to get a doctoral degree. Then, I plan to do either research in my field of study or create the most advanced technology for a multinational company.

Phi Theta Kappa Officer Karen Sue MckenzieName: Karen Sue McKenzie.
Office: Relay for Life Chairman.
Major: Health Exercise.
Transfer Plans: Undecided.
Activities: Church and volleyball.
Hometown: Tulsa, Okla.
Interests/Hobbies: Going to church, petting cats, playing volleyball, getting coffee with friends, and attending concerts.
Future Plans: I plan to continue playing volleyball after CCC - hopefully at a four-year private, Christian university to study health and language.