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Choral Music

Choral Music

Coffeyville Community College gives you a strong foundation in the fundamentals of music and an impressive resume to take to a four-year college or university when you transfer.  There are numerous choirs, musical theatre productions and solo opportunities available for music students.  At CCC we embrace “professionalism” and “ensemble” to create a unified choral sound.

Performance Opportunities

There are many performance opportunities in the CCC Music Department.  Choral music students learn the fundamentals of singing chorally and as a soloist.  Students will perform concerts on-campus and off-campus. Selected students also have an opportunity to sing the National Anthem at College sporting events.


The vocal music department at Coffeyville Community College is a place to explore your musically creative side.

The music department is located in Nellis Hall.  The building has an acoustically sound choral room and soundproof practice room.  It also contains a music lab computer room with composition programs.

The Coffeyville Community College Theatre is located in the Arts and Sciences Building.  The 327-seat open stage auditorium, renovated in 2001 with a new light and sound system, is the home of our concerts and musicals.