Wellness in not just a by-word in everyday life.  It is a theme central in working with all athletes, young and old.  Today most sport participants compete with minimal health care protection.  The certified athletic trainer (ATC) is becoming a necessity, not a luxury, in the ever growing world of sports medicine.  The athletic trainer is both a teacher and a trainer; educating and counseling student athletic trainers, athletes, coaches, parents, etc. in many different aspects of injuries and illnesses.  They focus on prevention, care (first aid, treatment, referral) and rehabilitation of injuries.

"Hands-on” Experience

CCC is your first stop in athletic training.  The program is directed by an NATA certified athletic trainer who oversees a student athletic trainer’s clinical study and academic progress to insure the student fulfills the necessary requirements of the transfer program.  Student trainers gain valuable “hands-on” experience in their freshman year, which is a great advantage to them.  The CCC Athletic Training Department is responsible for the medical care of thirteen men’s and women’s intercollegiate athletic teams, consisting of around 250 student-athletes.  Student trainers not only draw on the knowledge of the program director, they benefit from a  close association with a regional medical center, many area physicians, and quality emergency services.

CCC Athletic Training Program

With the on-going changes within the NATA, Coffeyville Community College offers the general education and the first two years of athletic training courses for the student athletic trainer interested in transferring to an NATA accredited four-year institution.  The degree could be catered to the student who wants to earn an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree.  A recommended example curriculum for an Associate of Arts degree “geared” toward athletic training is provided below.

Athletic Training Curriculum Guide and Course Descriptions