Game Webcasts

The Coffeyville Community College baseball team will be providing web casts for home games and many road games during the season. The team will be using the iScore app to provide this service. Viewing games is relatively easy, and hopefully these instructions will be helpful.

1. Go to the iScore Webcasting Web Site by clicking this link (this site will open in a new window). You will want to make this a favorite, or a bookmark, in your web browser so you can go directly to this link in the future.

2. Once you click the link, you will see the screen below. You will need to select the game you want to view by using the navigation arrows you will see on the left and right sides of the game listings. Once you find the game you want to view, click on it. (You can view past games in addition to current games, so you might have to navigate a bit to find the game you are wanting.)

Webcasting Selecting A Game Screen

3. Ah, now you should see a screen similar to below. Sit back, relax, and keep current with the latest Ravens action. To leave an active game, just click on the back button of your web browser and you will go back to the game selection screen. You will have to do this on occasion, especially after the first game of a doubleheader so you can select the webcast for the second game.

Active Game Webcast View

This webcast is dependent on Wifi access. Walter Johnson Park has it and has been tested and has shown to be reliable. Road games will also have a webcast if Wifi is available at the venue. If Wifi is not available, scores and other info will be posted on the CCC web site as quickly as possible.