Coffeyville Red Raven Cheerleaders

As cheerleaders for Coffeyville Community College our ultimate goal the support of interscholastic athletic programs and the promotion of school spirit for the college as a whole. The Raven Cheerleaders will strive to be "good will ambassadors" of the college and of the community through the involvement in and promotion of programs and activities. We will work together to attain excellence in all of our performances.

The cheerleaders can be seen in action at home and most away games for football and basketball.  The enthusiastic support they provide for the college helps make Coffeyville a great envi8roment for success.  The Red Raven Cheerleaders also perform at numerous competitions and performances throughout the nation.  The Coffeyville Cheerleaders also work with many community organizations and host annual youth clinics.

Each member of the Coffeyville Red Raven Cheer Team are like a puzzle piece, bringing different attributes to the squad. It is essential that all members contribute because one person cannot perform all of the duties in order for the squad to be successful. Like a puzzle, all of the pieces work TOGETHER to form ONE squad.

Graduates of Coffeyville Community College cheer have gone on to cheer at many prestigious Universities including Central Oklahoma, Connecticut, Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky, Minnesota, Moorehead State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Pittsburg State, Sam Houston, Wichita State, Northwest Missouri and Stephen F. Austin.

2016 Cheer Team