1975 Team

(11-0, Conference Champions)

1975 Red Raven Football Team
Front row, left to right: Wayne and Mike Warren.
Second row, left to right: Managers: David Dennis, Frank Ritchal, Coaches: Pat Henderson, Mike Sweatman, Dick Foster, Nolan Luhn, Charles Hampton and Managers: Floyd Ritchal and Bill Coffman.
 Third row, left to right: Barri Buehre, Randy Bottero, Tim Pivonka, Steve Dunn, Skip Thompson, Charlie Green, Rich Edwards, Mike Hollerman and Jerry Copeny.
Fourth row, left to right: Jim Kulina, Jim Radcliffe, Rudy Polchlopek, Brad Wagner, Nick Howell, Kent Newby, Ron Springs,  Dan Brooks, Carl Broom and Doug Brown.
 Fifth row, left to right: David Christie, Carl Ice, Dale Watson, Murray Stenzel, David Mercier, Ken Ross, Tom McClanahan, Ken Schwagerman, Steve Berry and Doug Thom.
 Sixth row, left to right: Neal Timmons, Rod Ruch, Glen Walker, Barry Feaker, Marty McInerney, Pete Peltzer, Kyle Dickehut, Rob Fulton, Terry Ross, Marty Roseberry and Victor Boykins.

Dick Foster's First Red Raven Team

In 1974, the proud Red Raven football program had fallen on tough times.  Despite a strong tradition, the team had not had a winning record for several years.  A promising coach named Charlie Cooper came to Coffeyville, and began to right the ship.  However, after only one year he decided junior college football was not for him and his family, and the college was once again looking for a new head coach.

In 1975, the fortune of the Red Ravens changed when Coach Dick Foster became the head coach at Coffeyville.  Although he brought two assistants who had worked with him, it was not an easy transition.  Recruits from Coach Cooper’s short tenure and the new recruits Coach Foster brought to the program had to come together and learn a new system in a short time.  Not only did the players need to learn new schemes and a different style of coaching, they also had to learn to work together as a team.  The numerous challenges included facilities and player retention.  With the great facilities the college has today, it is hard to envision that Coach Foster didn’t even know where the team would practice on a daily basis.  Coach Foster was confident and knew he had talented coaches and players, but faced the challenge of keeping them in Coffeyville.  He sometimes said “they were the best in America”.  The coaching staff worked hard and the players began to believe, but it still didn’t make it any easier getting started.

Coach had to sell his program to the fans, community and families.  During a radio interview, he was asked how he thought the Ravens would do during his first year.  He responded that the team would be league champs, undefeated, nationally ranked and a bowl contender for the national championship.  He said he would give away tickets for the first game and all the rest would be sellouts.  These were bold promises and many described his promises quite differently.

As the season unfolded, success lead to more success and Coach Foster appeared to be one of the smartest or perhaps luckiest coaches in the world.  The team did indeed meet all of his promises and the 1975 Red Ravens completed the regular season with a perfect 10-0 record.  They were invited to the Wool Bowl to play an extremely tough New Mexico Military Institute.  The Red Raven took the Broncos down 28-7 and complete a perfect 11-0 season.  Although the Ravens finished second in the national polls, many still believe they were the best team.  With their powerful offense, stingy defense, knowledgeable coaches and the best record in the country, the 1975 Red Raven team will be remembered as one of the best teams in Coffeyville Community College history.