5th Annual Coffeyville Resources Juco Elite 8 Tournament

Dec. 4 - Dec. 6, 2014
Coffeyville Community College
Nellis Hall West Gym

Participating Teams: Cloud County, Coffeyville, Ellsworth (Iowa), Hill College (Texas), Independence, Pratt, Quakerdale Prep, State Fair (Missouri).

Tournament Schedule

Note: games are played back-to-back, start times except for the first game of the day are estimates.

December 4, 2014
Game 1: State Fair vs. Independence, 1 p.m.
Game 2: Hill College vs. Pratt, 3 p.m.
Game 3: Ellsworth vs. Cloud County, 5 p.m.
Game 4: Quakerdale Prep vs. Coffeyville, 7 p.m.

December 5, 2014
Game 5: Game 1 loser vs. Game 2 loser, 1 p.m.
Game 6: Game 3 loser vs. Game 4 loser, 3 p.m.
Game 7: Game 1 winner vs. Game 2 winner, 5 p.m.
Game 8: Game 3 winner vs. Game 4 winner, 7 p.m.

December 6, 2014
Game 9: Game 5 loser vs. Game 6 loser, 1 p.m.
Game 10: Game 5 winner vs. Game 6 winner, 3 p.m.
Game 11: Game 7 loser vs. Game 8 loser, 5 p.m.
Game 12: Game 7 winner vs. Game 8 winner, 7 p.m.



Coffeyville Resources
Acme Foundry
Best Western Bricktown Lodge
Chartwell’s Catering
Coffeyville Area Chamber of Commerce
Coffeyville Convention & Visitors Bureau
Coffeyville Kiwanis Club
Coffeyville Police Department
Coffeyville Regional Medical Center
Coffeyville Rotary Club
Community National Bank
Country Mart
Eagle Security Services
Four State Maintenance
Hall, Levy, Devore, Bell, Ott & Kritz, P.A.
Jock’s Nitch
Kansas Financial - Dwight Menke Ins.
Lanning’s Downtown Grill
Pepsi Bottling Group
Pizza Hut
Regal Inn
Sirloin Stockade
Sleep Inn of Coffeyville
Sonic Restaurants
Strimple Signs & Outdoor Power
Subway Restaurants
Taco Mayo
Tool Supply
Union Pacific Railroad
Windsor Place


Coffeyville Resources Logo

Coffeyville Resources Juco Elite 8 Logo
Coffeyville Community College thanks the many volunteers and sponsors of the Coffeyville Resources Juco Elite 8 Tournament.  Without your support, this tournament would not be possible.


$8 reserved (each day)
$6 general admission (each day)
$3 student general admission (each day)