Athletics People

Jessica Anderson

Assistant Volleyball Coach/Student Life Manager

Justin Anderson

Assistant Track Coach/Student Life Manager

Shiloh Blockburger

Head Softball Coach/Financial Aid Rep.

Braden Brown

Assistant Baseball Coach/Student Life Manager

Amy Carr

Assistant Softball Coach/HPER Instructor

Delice Downing

Head Volleyball Coach/Student Life Director

Kyle Fisher

Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

Thomas Gaskell

Assistant Soccer Coach/Student Life Manager

Colton Glover

Assistant Baseball Coach/Student Life Manager

Jarin Hanika

Assistant Football Coach/Student Life Manager

Stephen Harrel

Head Women's Basketball Coach

Jay Herkelman

Head Men's Basketball Coach

Jana Kastler

Athletic Administrative Assistant

Kim Lay

Director of Academic Advising and Student Success Center

Cody Oates

Football, Offensive Line Coach

Craig Perry

Head Track and Cross Country Coach

Aaron Reeves

Head Golf Coach/Assistant Track Coach

Dickie Rolls

Exec. Director of College Foundation

Dena Schicke

Assistant Soccer Coach/Student Life Manager

Matt St. Germain

Assistant Football Coach/Defensive Coordinator

Justin Tabor

Assistant Men's Basketball Coach/Student Life Manager

Anita Walker

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

Robert Wood

Assistant Track and Field Coach