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Construction Technology

Students Working on Foundation FootingsConstruction Technology Program

Students in the Construction Technology Program prepare for career opportunities in the building industry as construction technicians. Years of field experience allow our instructor to teach students the skills demanded to be successful. This nine month Certification program offers academic and hands-on experiences. Students are also prepared for the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) testing to ensure national portability of learned skills. Coffeyville Community College Technical Division is the best place to start building for a strong future career.

Areas of Training

  • Orientation & Workplace Skills
  • Intro. to Construction
  • Construction Materials & Processes
  • Safety & Use of Tools
  • Building Design & Layout/Blueprints
  • Shop Math & Communication
  • Site Preparation & Excavation Procedures
  • Concrete: Flatwork, Reinforcement, etc.
  • Basic Building Structure Fabrication
  • Basic Exterior Finishes & Applications


The construction technology program in Coffeyville is housed in an off-campus building in downtown Coffeyville. The Construction Technology Center, as the building is called, is located at the corner of Seventh and Maple. Click here to learn more about The Construction Technology Center.