Precision Machining Student 1The Precision Machining Technology program is designed to give students the necessary skills for entry level employment in the machining industry. Manufacturing provides many high skilled jobs such as Machinist, C.N.C. Machinist, Tool and Die makers. These positions require set up and operation of several machine tools to manufacture the specific product. Drill press, milling machines, lathes and grinders are the core machines used in this industry. Computer Numerical Controlled (C.N.C.) machines are the standard in the industry. 

Precision Machining Student 2Students will be taught CNC programming and design basics during the program. Some of the skills necessary to become proficient include: selecting proper material and tools, planning project sequence according to written or verbal description, removing the material while holding accuracies to within thousandths of an inch, understanding dimensions and units of measure. Use of precision measuring instruments to check the finished product for the required specifications will also be required.

Facilities and Equipment

Students in the Precision Machining Program will receive hands-on training on several pieces of equipment, including CNC machines. To view some of the equipment, please click this link.