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Columbus Technical Campus: Community Interest Classes

The Columbus Technical Campus offers several classes of interest to the general community. Those classes are listed below.

Fall 2015

Course No. Course Title Cr. Begins Ends Days Room Instructor
CNAD-105-11 Certified Nurse Aide
09/01/15 to 10/20/15
5 11:00am 5:15pm TW Frontenac P Franklin
CNAD-105-13 Certified Nurse Aide
11/03/15 to 12/22/15
5 3:00pm 9:15pm TW Frontenac P Franklin
CMAD-115-11 Certified Medication Aide
9/14/15 to 10/26/15
4 3:00pm 9:15pm MR Frontenac P Franklin
CMAD-115-13 Certified Medication Aide
10/19/15 to 12/11/15
4 3:00pm 9:15pm MF Frontenac P Franklin
CONT-230-13 Health Applications
(CMA Recertification)
12/07/15 to 12/14/15
0.5 4:00pm 9:15pm M Girard P Franklin
CONT-230-11 Health Applications
(CMA Recertification)
8/19/15 to 8/26/15
0.5 4:00pm 9:15pm W Girard P Franklin
CONT-230-15 Health Applications
(CMA Recertification)
09/03/15 to 09/10/15
0.5 4:00pm 9:15pm R Frontenac P Franklin
HHAD-120-11 Home Health Aide
11/09/15 to 11/19/15
1 4:00pm 9:15pm MR Girard P Franklin