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What Are Some Tips for College Success

College Students All InGet involved in several activities. Getting involved will make the transition to college much easier. Join the quiz bowl team, play a sport, or try out for the choir or a play. Your college education takes place outside the classroom and activities outside the classroom are an important part of the college experience.

Use the college’s Student Success Center. The SSC provides free tutoring services for most classes offered at CCC. The SSC also offers many seminars throughout the school year in topics such as note-taking, test taking skills, and many other topics to help make college a positive experience.

Get plenty of sleep. You will have plenty of distractions while in college. You will have demands on your time ranging from class, outside activities, studying and work. Plan your time wisely and make sure you get plenty of sleep so you can be at your best in the classroom and outside.

Eat a healthy diet. You’ll need plenty of energy to make it through each semester. Give your body the energy it needs. Limit fried foods and get plenty of fruits and veggies to go along with the pizza and burgers.