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What Are My Degree Options at CCC?

Coffeyville Community College offers four different associate degree options, and choosing the option that is best for you can be confusing. Below are explanations of the intended purpose of each degree option.

A.A. Degree (Associate in Arts)

This is the degree option a majority of students at CCC choose. This is the degree option designed for students who wish to transfer to a four-year institution after graduation from CCC, or for students who wish to one day enroll into a bachelor’s degree program. This degree fulfills most of the general education requirements at a four-year school and will grant you junior status when you transfer, a big deal at enrollment time. So, if you plan to work on a bachelor’s degree at some point in your life, this is the degree option for you.

A.S. Degree (Associate in Science)

This transfer degree serves the same purpose as the A.A. degree, but is intended for students who plan to major in a math or science field at a four-year school. So, if you plan to major in a program at a four-year school that requires a lot of math and science, this degree option is intended for you.

A.G.S. Degree (Associate in General Studies)

This degree option has a major difference between the A.A. degree – this one only requires Intermediate Algebra to graduate from CCC instead of College Algebra. It can be used for transfer, but be aware that at some point you will likely need to take College Algebra or higher level math course to earn a bachelor’s degree. It is recommended you choose an A.A. or A.S. degree option if you plan to ever work on a bachelor’s degree later.

A.A.S. Degree (Associate in Applied Science)

This is the degree option that many students in a technical program will choose. Students choosing this option will complete a technical program such as welding, electrical, automotive, etc. In addition to completing a technical program curriculum, students also complete 16 general education hours to complete requirements for the A.A.S. degree. This is a degree option utilized mostly by students at the Coffeyville Technical Campus and the Columbus Technical Campus.

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