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Pondering StudentAfter I Get Admitted to CCC, What Should I Do Now?

Once you are admitted, you have a few more steps to complete.

  • You will want to apply for CCC Scholarships.
  • You will want to file your FAFSA to establish eligibility for Federal Financial Aid programs.
  • Once you graduate from high school, or finish G.E.D. requirements, have an official high school transcript sent from your high school to CCC. An official transcript must be sent directly from the high school to CCC. A transcript you possess is not official.
  • Once enrollment starts, schedule a time to enroll with your advisor. If you have not been assigned an advisor, please call the CCC Advising Office to set up an appointment.
  • If you plan to live in the college residence halls, you will need to fill out an Dorm Contract Form and submit a deposit.
  • Once you have enrolled, you will receive a bill from the college business office that you can pay in person or online.

Please note that you may receive a statement prior to any financial aid being applied to your bill. If you are going to receive financial aid, you may want to wait until that gets applied to your charges. Keep in mind that you need to pay or make arrangements for payment before the first day of classes.

Applying for financial aid as soon as possible will make the payment process much smoother than waiting until the last minute.

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