Flores Pleased With Ravens Performance at Spring Scrimmage

April 29, 2014

The Coffeyville Community College football team participated in their annual spring football scrimmage on Saturday, April 26.  The scrimmage allowed the coaching staff to evaluate the players on both the offensive and defensive teams and did include regular game officials to call penalties during the scrimmage.

Head Red Raven coach Aaron Flores was asked his thoughts about the spring scrimmage and about the spring practices in general.  He commented that, “I felt both sides of the ball did some good things.  I feel that we got better with every practice this spring.  We have players that have bought into the program and into each other.  There was a lot of excitement and energy during the spring game.  It was good to have the officials there to give the guys an idea of how things will be called.  As a staff we left the field pleased with the direction the players are taking us.”