Alcohol and Drugs

It is very likely that at some point during your student’s college career that he or she will be tempted to experiment with alcohol and/or drugs.  You can help guide your student in the right direction by offering these suggestions:

  • Empowering her to say “no” if a situation or environment doesn’t feel right.  Remind her that her instincts are usually right.
  • Make yourself available and open to conversations about drugs and alcohol.  Try not to judge or place blame, but listen to what your student has to say.
  • Do your part by researching the latest trends in prescription medication, alcohol and drug use. 
  • Avoid reliving and glorifying your own “party days”…this sends the wrong message (and most likely also sends very mixed messages) to your influential young adult.
  • Understand that your student will probably make some bad choices in the days and years to come.  Again, try not to judge or place blame, instead; allow your student to suffer the consequences of those actions and to learn from her mistakes.