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Campus Safety

As the parent of a college student away from home it is likely that one of your main concerns is safety.  We would like to reassure you that safety here at CCC is a top priority.  Campus security is provided by Eagle Security, a reputable company that is located right here in Coffeyville.   Campus security consists of in-dorm Resident Assistants, professional security guards and a surveillance system.  The Resident Assistants live on-campus and rotate shifts working the security box in the dorm facilities.  The security guards circulate the campus watching the on-campus apartments and men’s dorms and the women’s dorm facility has 24/7 security guard protection.  All students are issued a key card for access to their dorm rooms.  Regarding the men’s dorm facility, after 7:00 p.m. all residents must enter and exit through the security box and be checked in and out by the Resident Assistant on duty.  In the women’s dorm facility, all visitors must check in with the security guard or Resident Assistant on duty at the front desk.  The campus is also well-lit to enable better protection for everyone.