Question:  What if my child gets injured or becomes sick while at CCC?

Answer:  CCC is staffed with a part-time nurse in the event a student becomes sick or injured.  Her name is Melinda Carr and her office is located in the basement of the Student Union building.  Melinda is a registered nurse and she has an overseeing physician she can contact, if needed.  While Melinda CAN’T prescribe medication she can do assessments and some minor lab tests such as strep cultures, blood sugar, urine dip, and flu cultures.  Flu shots are also available each year for a small fee.  TB skin tests also have a fee, but all other services, tests and medication are free.  Students do not need to make an appointment to see Melinda; they can visit her during normal office hours. 

For more information about the Student Health Nurse, click here.

It is important for college students to have current medical insurance and that they bring their health insurance cards to school with them.  They should have their social security card with them or at least have the number memorized.  This will make it easier for Melinda to refer them to a doctor if necessary (most Coffeyville physicians accept out of state medical cards). 

The Coffeyville Chamber of Commerce maintains a directory of local health care providers.