Promoting Academic Student Success

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The PASS system is part of a web-based retention system at Coffeyville Community College that allows instructors to notify the Student Success Center of academic at-risk behaviors exhibited in class.  Students who are referred through the PASS system will be contacted by advisors and a plan for improvement will be established.

Instructors play the primary role of identifying academic difficulties among students and the success of the PASS system depends on them.  It is also the assumption that instructors who submit a referral through PASS have already made attempts to help a poorly performing student before making the referral.

Before submitting a referral instructors should attempt to help the student by:

1) meeting with the student to discuss academic difficulties
2) email or call the student
3) leave a message on a quiz/test/assignment
4) suggest the student receive assistance in the SSC
5) visit them during office hours.

While we certainly cannot guarantee success at CCC, we can guarantee the support and opportunity to students wanting to accept the challenges of higher education.  Individual direct intervention can make a big difference for a student seeking direction.  Simply making a student aware of support opportunities can have an impact on his or her performance and motivation.

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