Online Payment of Tuition and Fees and Residential Housing

Payment of tuition, fees and residential housing are due before the first day of classes.  The enrollment is not finalized until payment is made in full, payment options have been set up, or Financial Aid is confirmed.  If Financial Aid does not cover the student account balance, a payment is required.  If Financial Aid is not confirmed, a payment is required.  The Business Office can accept payments over the phone via credit/debit card or log into Raven Access.

Option #1

ACCESS Payment Option:

Payments in full and monthly payments can be made by utilizing the Raven ACCESS system.  A password and username is required.  Please scroll down to the ACCESS Help window for guidance.  Once you have logged in, select Business Office, Student Account Balances, My Account Balance and Make a Payment.  The amount and payment information will be requested, please be sure to complete all required fields.  You will receive a payment confirmation via email and also a receipt from the CCC Business Office.  

If you have any questions regarding your payment or receipt, please contact the Business Office at 620-252-7007.  Students can utilize ACCESS to check the activity or their account balances.  This will show transactions (charges and credits) of added and/or dropped classes and financial aid transactions.  Any preliminary financial aid awards that are shown on the account as “suspended” are only “estimated” and can change due to federal requirements and eligibility.  A student can also check the financial aid disbursement dates from Raven ACCESS.

Option #2

CCC Payment Option:

To set up a payment plan to be automatically charged to your credit or debit card each month, please contact the Business Office.  The online payments are secure and easy.  The payment option is interest free.  A $25 non-refundable fee will be applied to your first payment for setting up a payment option.

This fee helps to offset the cost of the merchant and credit card fees assessed by the credit card companies.  Any charges incurred by the College for delinquent accounts will be assessed to and will be the responsibility of the account holder.  College policy is to disclose all unpaid account information to a collection agency.