Tuition and Fees

Coffeyville Community College charges tuition and fees on a per credit hour basis. Tuition charges for residents and non-residents are regulated by the Kansas State Legislature. The Incidental fee is used to support student activities including clubs, organizations, athletics, parking, and student health. The Building fee is assessed to fund expansion of the College Union building, classrooms, and offices. In addition, certain classes have special fees assessed to help defray the cost of materials and supplies.

Tuition and Fee Rates

The costs indicated below are effective with the Fall 2015 semester.

Credit Hour Enrollment

(Main Campus Students and Some Coffeyville Technical Campus Students)

  • Kansas Resident Tuition and Fees:  $72.00 per Credit Hour ($37.00 - fees; $35.00 - tuition).
  • Oklahoma & Missouri Contiguous County residents Tuition and Fees:  $82.00 per Credit Hour ($37.00 - fees; $45.00 - tuition).
    Oklahoma counties include: Nowata, Washington, Ottawa, Craig, Osage and Rogers. Missouri counties include: McDonald, Newton, Jasper, Barton and Vernon.
  • Other Out of State Residents Tuition and Fees:  $121.00 per Credit Hour ($37.00 - fees; $84.00 - tuition).
  • International Tuition and Fees:  $199.00 per Credit Hour ($37.00 - fees; $100.00 - tuition; $62.00 International fee).
  • Book Costs: varies on course load and program, ballpark estimate is $800 per year.

Online Course Enrollment

  • Tuition and Fees: same as credit hour enrollment listed above + $35 per credit hour online fee.

Technical Program Enrollment

(Most Coffeyville Technical Campus and Columbus Campus students)

Technical Programs Tuition and Fees

Nursing Program Fees

Students enrolled in the LPN or RN programs at the Coffeyville Technical Campus will be subject to this tuition and fee rate.

Gold Card

Residents of Montgomery and Cherokee Counties, who are age 55 or older, are invited to apply for the CCC Gold Card. This card permits the card holder to enroll in a maximum of six (6) college credit hours per academic year at a reduced rate of $35.00 per credit hour. A 10 percent discount in available on enrollment in continuing education classes at the Technical Campuses. Payment of any fees and/or books is the responsibility of the student. For information, contact Marsha VanDyne at 620.251.7700 ext. 2038.

Wellness Card

Residents of Montgomery County who are age 21 or older
are invited to apply for a free Community Wellness Card. The
Community Wellness Card allows the holder to take up to three
(3) college credit hours per semester of wellness courses tuition
free. Payments of any fees and/or books are the responsibility of
the student. The Community Wellness Card must be presented
at the time of registration. For more information, contact Marsha
VanDyne at 620.251.7700 ext. 2038.

Special Fees

  • Applied Music Classes, $30.00 per class
  • Art Classes, $65.00 per class
  • Cap & Gown/Graduation, $35.00 (Late Fee $10.00)
  • Computer, $10.00 per credit hour
  • First Aid, $30.00 per class
  • Greenhouse, $40.00 per class
  • Intro. to Athletic Training, $30.00 per class
  • Online Course, $35 per credit hour
  • Science Lab, $5.00 per credit hour

* All fees are subject to change.

Resident Hall Fees

Resident Hall Fees Information Page


100% of tuition and fees may be refunded if courses are dropped within seven calendar days of the published session start date.
The course must be officially dropped with the Registrar's Office.  If the course is not dropped and the student does not show up to class, the student is still responsible for the financial obligation of the tuition and fees.  This includes Online courses.  Failure to complete 25% of the course or being "lined out for non-attendance" does not excuse the financial obligation.  The student remains responsible for payment of tuition and fees if the drop occurs after the refund dates as indicated on the master calendar.

All refunds are processed in the Business Office.