How Do I Enroll for Classes at CCC?

College Student With BooksNow that you have been accepted for admission and have turned in your test scores and high school and college transcripts, you are now ready to enroll for classes.

Make an appointment with your advisor. Your advisor will be if you are on a(n):

  • Activity Scholarship, your advisor will be your activity coordinator (examples: music scholarship, theatre, agriculture, etc.)
  • Athletic Scholarship, your advisor will be your coach or the Athletic Advisor located in the Student Success Center.
  • Online Student, your advisor will be the Director of Online Education. 
  • Non-scholarship Students will be advised by the general advising office located in the Student Union and the Student Success Center.
  • Technical Program Students will be advised by the either the Coffeyville Technical Campus staff or the Columbus Technical Campus staff, depending on the location of the program the student is taking.

If you have not been assigned an advisor, general student advisors are available to assist in the Student Union and Student Success Center.

Once you meet with your advisor, complete a two-year associate degree plan. With your advisor, fill out a complete enrollment form and turn it into the Registrar's Office and receive a printed schedule there or you can print one from Raven Access.

If you have a hold in the Business Office, you will not be able to enroll. If this happens, visit the Business Office to resolve your hold status.

Students outside the 60 mile radius must complete a dorm contract prior to enrolling.

Students that have completed the Assumption of Risk form will not need to complete another one, but new students must complete the form.

All students must complete the TB form prior to enrollment.

All new students must have test scores to enroll full-time.  You can have your ACT scores submitted to CCC. This is done during the ACT test sign up process. If you didn't mark CCC as one of your score recipients, you will have to contact ACT after the test to have your scores forwarded to CCC. You can also take the Compass test offered at CCC if you have not taken the ACT test.

You will be allowed to enroll without the high school transcript, but you must provide the transcript once the transcript is complete.

If you are in your final semester, students must complete a grade/degree check in the Registrar’s Office to insure all graduation requirements will be met.

After you have enrolled, you will need to make payment or make arrangements for payment prior to the first day of class. You will also need to get your textbooks. Don't forget to get your Student ID as well if you have not received one already for the school year. IDs are available in the Student Success Center.