New Men's Residence Hall

Architect's Rendition of New Men's Residence Hall Facility

Nothing has really been more exciting on the CCC campus this year than looking forward to the building of a new men’s dormitory. The new facility will be 5-stories tall and house 320 student beds, 4 Student Life Manager rooms and a Manager’s apartment. It will set to the north of the Pat Walker Women’s Residence Hall.

Typical Room of New Men's DormThe men’s dormitory will attach to Walker Hall through a common entrance and shared elevator that will serve both buildings. Construction is expected to start in summer of 2014 with the anticipated opening of the facility for Fall 2015. The dorm is being built with durability in mind. With the goal of the structure standing and operational for many years beyond the life of the bonds. The structure walls will be constructed of pre-cast concrete panels. Some of the interior dividing walls will be concrete block.

Laundry for both men and women will be consolidated and housed on the first floor of the new dorm. The new dorm will become the entry point for both the men’s dorm and Walker Hall. The entry area will feature a lounge, game room and a space the architects have labeled the “Internet Cafe” adjacent to the vending machine space. The security desk will also be located at this entry point. The project is being funded primarily  through the issuance of Revenue Bonds in addition to some cash reserves.