Spring 2019 Online Classes

CCC provides general education transfer and career preparation courses via the Internet to allow students flexibility in completing their degree online.  Students will gain access into their online course beginning the first scheduled day of class.  For more information, contact Brad Weber, Director of Distance Learning at 620-252-7076 or via e-mail at [email protected]

1st 8 Weeks Courses

1st 8 Week Courses start on January 9, 2019 and end on March 5, 2019.

Course No. Course Title Credits Instructor
BUSN-116-OL Fundamentals of Business 3 D Allen
BUSN-119-OL Personal Finance 3 C Nelson
COMP-161-OL Computer Information Systems 3 D Thornburg
ENGL-101-OL English Composition I 3 T McCloughan
FACS-107-OL Marriage and the Family 3 E Cameron
GEOG-120-OL World Geography 3 M Manley
HIST-103-OL Recent U.S. History 3 J Armitage
MATH-102-OL Intermediate Algebra 3 K Payne
PHYS-205-OL Physical Science 5 A Lumley
PREP-005-OL Introductory Algebra 3 J Wood
PSYC-101-OL General Psychology 3 M Arpin
SOCI-101-OL Introduction to Sociology 3 C Feerer
SPCH-211-ON Interpersonal & Group Communications 3 S Meek

2nd 8 Weeks Courses

2nd 8 Week Courses start on March 8, 2019 and end on May 10, 2019.

Course No. Course Title Credits Instructor
ARTS-140-OL Art History & Appreciation I 3 M DeRosa
BIOL-101-OL General Biology 5 P Oliver
BUSN-137-OL Small Business Management 3 D Allen
BUSN-175-OL Introduction to Leadership 3 D Allen
COMP-162-OL Computer Concepts & Applications 3 D Thornburg
ENGL-102-OL English Composition II 3 T McCloughan
FACS-210-OL Nutrition 3 C Redden
GOVN-104-OL United States Government 3 J Armitage
HIST-102-ON Early U.S. History 3 J Armitage
HPER-102-OL Personal Hygiene and Community Health 3 R Wood
HPER-111-OL Lifetime Fitness Concepts 2 A Carr
MATH-105-OL College Algebra 3 S Eytcheson
MUSC-122-OL Music Appreciation 3 M Christensen
PSYC-102-OL Developmental Psychology 3 T Harrel
SPCH-211-OL Interpersonal & Group Communication 3 S Meek

Full Semester Courses

Please take note of start date and end date on the following full-term courses.

Course No. Course Title Credits Instructor
FACS--107-ON Marriage and the Family
01/09/19 to 05/10/19
3 E Cameron
FIRE-100-OL Fire Service Orientation/Terminology
01/16/19 to 05/10/19
3 J Rexwinkle
FIRE-145-OL Fundamentals of Fire Prevention
01/16/19 to 05/10/19
3 J Rexwinkle
FIRE-155-OL Fire Detection & Suppression Systems
01/16/19 to 5/10/19
3 J Grimmett
FLNG-103-OL Spanish I
01/09/19 to 05/10/19
5 K Distefano
HIST-102-OL History
01/09/19 to 5/10/19
3 J Armitage
PSYC-100-OL College Orientation I
01/09/19 to 05/10/19
1 J Wallis
PSYC-102-ON Developmental Psychology 3 M Arpin