Medical Laboratory Technology Curriculum Guide

The Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) program is a two-year program developed to prepare entry-level technicians for medical laboratory facilities. The program will encompass lab safety, medical ethics, equipment and instrumentation, diagnostics, and laboratory operations. Students will be exposed to classroom lecture, hands-on exercises, and clinical opportunities to prepare them for the workforce.

Medical Laboratory Technology Requirements (A.A.S. Degree)

course code course title credit hours
MATH-102 Intermediate Algebra or higher level math 3
ENGL-101 English Composition I 3
SPCH-111 Public Speaking or  3
SPCH-211 Interpersonal and Group Communications 3
CHEM-101 Fundamentals of Chemistry or 5
CHEM-103 Principles of Chemistry I 5
BIOL-204 Microbiology 5
MEDA-175 Human Body in Health and Disease or 4
BIOL-203 Anatomy and Physiology 5
MEDA-100 Medical Professional Issues 2
MEDA-128 Phlebotomy Essentials 3
EMTP-115 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) 1
MLBT-150 MLT Urinalysis and Body Fluids 3
MLBT-170 MLT Immunology 3
MLBT-190 MLT Clinical Chemistry 6
MLBT-210 MLT Hematology/Coagulation 6
MLBT-230 MLT Immunohematology 6
MLBT-250 MLT Pathogenic Microbiology 6
MLBT-270 MLT Clinical Internship I 4
MLBT-290 MLT Clinical Internship II 4