Art Scholarship Program

Drawing Class Students

About the Art Program

The Art Department at CCC is a place where you can come and explore your creative side.  It is a place where you can express your ideas in a variety of mediums. 

The Art Department is located in Orscheln Hall with the building housing a variety of studios. 

The building contains the art director’s office and the design, drawing, and painting studios.  The building also contains the kiln room and the ceramic, sculpture, and photography studios.  

Each studio is well equipped with the equipment you need to work with the traditional and non-traditional mediums explored as you study in the CCC Art Department.

The 2 Year Visual Arts Plan

CCC gives you a well rounded education in the visual arts and an impressive portfolio and resume to take to a four-year college when you transfer in the fine arts or the graphic arts.  At CCC, we prepare and teach you how to think starting with the ideas founded by the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.  Then we take you into and through the Renaissance to broaden your understanding of how to think critically and visually.  At CCC, we embrace “professionalism” and “ensemble” to create the most avant-garde art of any community college art program.

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Michael DeRosa
Art Director
Coffeyville Community College
400 West 11th
Coffeyville, KS  67337
Phone:  (620) 252-7020