Declaration of Independence Stock ImageHistory Transfer Degree Program

This program is designed for the transfer-oriented student who wishes to work towards a degree in history or social science.

A student’s class choices should be planned with the requirements of the transfer institution in mind.  See your advisor for enrollment information and transfer institution requirements.

Most students who decide to major in History at a four-year institution will plan a course of study that will lead to an Associate in Arts Degree.

Recommended Courses

Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs.
HIST-102 Early United States History 3
HIST-103 Recent United States History 3
GOVN-104 United States Government 3
GEOG-120 World Geography 3

To complete an associate degree the program emphasis credit hours and the general education credit hours, which must be taken from the list approved by the General Education Committee, must total at least 64 credit hours.

Description of Courses

GEOG-120.  World Geography.  3 Hours.  This survey course includes climatology, oceanography, morphology, earthquakes and volcanism from physical geography; and military, political, urban, cultural and economic fields from social geography.  The course is structured to allow students to pursue the fields which are most relevant to their major field of study.

GOVN-104.  United States Government.  3 Hours.  This course is a survey of U. S. national government with emphasis on the Constitution, the Congress, the President and the Supreme Court.  Foreign Policy since 1938 is also emphasized.

HIST-102.  Early United States History.  3 Hours.  A study of the origins of the American nation to the surrender at Appomattox.  Special emphasis is placed on the political, economic and social development of the American nation.

HIST-103.  Recent United States History.  3 Hours.  The emergence of modern America from 1865 to the present presented in chronological sequence with emphasis on those political, social and economic events that shaped our modern history.