Online Classes 

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Are Online Classes right for me?

  • Do you enjoy the challenge of independent learning?
  • Do you communicate effectively through written communication?
  • Do you need flexibility in your class schedule?
  • Are you self-motivated to meet class deadlines?
  • Do you feel that your personality lends itself to being organized?

If you are able to answer "yes" to all of the above questions, then Coffeyville Community College's online course offerings may be right for you. The online class experience does offer the student the flexibility of accessing the course and course subject matter at convenient times and locations. 

However, this convenience does come at the price of daily face to face communication, explanations, reminders, etc. that you would receive in the classical classroom setting. CCC's online classes are not for everybody, only those individuals with the combination of strong study skills and a motivation to succeed will be successful.

How are online courses offered at CCC?

Online courses at CCC are offered using the Moodle online course platform. Access into the Moodle software is accessible from our main college website through the Online Classes link.

Online Course Guidelines

Students in Online classes will gain access into their online classes beginning the first scheduled day of class. 

Steps to Taking Online Courses

Equipment and Software

While a brand-new PC is not required to take online courses, a reliable PC less than five years old is recommended. For some courses, a CD-ROM drive with sound card and speakers may be required. High speed service such as provided via cable or DSL is highly recommended. Also, a personal email account (not a shared family account) is preferred.

Web Browsers

The web browser is the most important link between you and online courses on the Moodle platform. Moodle is online course delivery service and technology utilized by CCC to offer courses. Any version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome is recommended. Your browser should also have both cookies and javascript enabled. These are typically enabled by default, but if you think these settings might need enabling, check the documentation for your particular browser for how to do these. Other browsers such as Safari and Opera may work properly with Moodle, but are not directly supported by Moodle.

Computer Literacy Skills

You must be able to use a web browser. You must be able to use email. You must be able to use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. If you do not possess these skills, online courses are not recommended.

Online Course Tuition/Fees

$132 per credit hour (Kansas Resident)

$142 per credit hour (Missouri and Oklahoma contiguous counties)

$181 per credit hour (Non-Resident)

$259 per credit hour for international students.

Book costs will vary on course.


Coffeyville Community College has been approved to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.