College Faculty Directory

Photo of Dirk Andrews

Dirk Andrews

Speech Instructor

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Photo of Jason Armitage

Jason Armitage

Adjunct Social Science and Humanities Instructor

Mike Arpin

Mike Arpin

Psychology Instructor

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Profile of Chris

Chris Auten

Theatre Director

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Photo of Melissa Barnett

Melissa Barnett

Adjunct English Instructor

Profile of Wayne Bass

Wayne Bass

Communications Instructor

David Beck

David Beck

English Instructor

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Brandi Beeson

Brandi Beeson

Student Success Center Assistant/International Student Coordinator

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Photo of Jerry Bennett

Jerry Bennett

Adjunct Fire Science Instructor

Photo of Kristi Brautman

Kristi Brautman

Adjunct Criminal Justice Instructor

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Profile of Eric Britts

Eric Britts

Precision Machining Instructor

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Photo of Nancy Burrows

Nancy Burrows

Adjunct Yoga Instructor

Ryan Butcher

Ryan Butcher

English Instructor

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Photo of Tyler Cares

Tyler Cares

Construction Technology Instructor - Labette County High School

Profile of Michaela

Michaela Carnes

Welding Instructor

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Cami Conley Photo

Cami Conley

Medical Assisting Program Director & Instructor

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Photo of Tyler Cook

Tyler Cook

Electrical Technology Instructor

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Photo of Anthony Cozzo

Anthony Cozzo

Adjunct Fire Science Instructor

Profile of Hal Denials

Hal Daniels

Auto Collision Instructor - Columbus

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Michael DeRosa

Michael DeRosa

Fine Arts Instructor

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Photo of Karen Distefano

Karen Distefano

Adjunct Spanish Instructor

Heidi Eck

Heidi Eck

Learning Lab Coordinator - Columbus

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Photo of Cecilia Eisenbrandt

Cecilia Eisenbrandt

Automotive Service Instructor

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Photo of Marty Evensvold

Marty Evensvold

Director of Institutional Effectiveness

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Photo of Shelby Eytcheson

Shelby Eytcheson

Math Instructor

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Profile of Courey Feerer

Courey Feerer

Sociology Instructor

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Pam Feerer

Pam Feerer

Senior Director of Enrollment Management & Student Success

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Laura Profile

Laura Franks

Instructor of Mathematics

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Photo of Michael Frazier

Michael Frazier

Automotive Service Aide - Columbus

Casey Goff

Casey Goff

EMT/Paramedic Instructor

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Profile of James Grimmett

James Grimmett

Fire Science Program Coordinator/Instructor

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Profile of Mellissa Grunby

Melissa Gunby

English Instructor/Honors Program Coordinator

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Scott Hammer

Scott Hammer

Welding Instructor

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Krista Hanna

Krista Hanna

Business Instructor

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Photo of Jay Herkelman

Jay Herkelman

Head Men's Basketball Coach

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Kevin Hunt

Kevin Hunt

Construction Technology Instructor - Columbus

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Photo of Rick King

Rick King

Biology Instructor

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Profile Picture of Amy Lumley in Chemistry Lab

Amy Lumley

Chemistry Instructor

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Profile of Erin Macaronas

Erin Macaronas

Head Athletic Trainer

  • Email Erin Macaronas
Todd Madl

Todd Madl

Welding Instructor - Columbus

  • Email Todd Madl
Photo of Megan Manley

Megan Manley

History Instructor

  • Email Megan Manley
Profile of Brooka Martin

Brooka Martin

Nursing Faculty

  • Email Brooka Martin
Photo of Jake Martin

Jake Martin

Head Baseball Coach

  • Email Jake Martin
Photo of Jessica Mayfield

Jessica Mayfield

Medical Laboratory Technician Program Director

  • Email Jessica Mayfield
Photo of Troy McCloughan

Troy McCloughan

Adjunct English Instructor

Photo of Susan McDaniel

Susan McDaniel

Adjunct Allied Health Instructor

Photo of Josh Mecom

Josh Mecom

Adjunct Fire Science Instructor

Salina Meek

Salina Meek

English/Communication Instructor

  • Email Salina Meek
Profile of Dora Morris

Dora Morris

Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Career & Technical Education

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Photo of Carolyn Nelson

Carolyn Nelson

Adjunct Business/Accounting Instructor

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Susan Newman

Susan Newman

Medical Laboratory Technician Instructor

  • Email Susan Newman
Profile of Anastasia O'Connell

Anastasia O'Connell

Director of Nursing

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Photo of Michael O'Connor

Michael O'Connor

Adjunct Fire Science Instructor

Pam Oliver

Pam Oliver

Biology Instructor

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Photo of Jackie Overton

Jackie Overton

Adjunct Psychology Instructor

Shawn Parker

Shawn Parker

Information Technology Instructor

  • Email Shawn Parker
Photo of Kendall Payne

Kendall Payne

Math Instructor

  • Email Kendall Payne
Selma Peyton

Selma Peyton

Adjunct English Instructor

  • Email Selma Peyton
Photo of Ginni Phillips

Ginni Phillips

Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Services

  • Email Ginni Phillips
Jeff Phillips

Jeff Phillips

Automotive Service Instructor - Columbus

  • Email Jeff Phillips
Profile of Heather Pollet

Heather Pollet

Vice President for Career & Technical Education

  • Email Heather Pollet
Photo of Markel Porter

Markel Porter

Vocal Music Director

  • Email Markel Porter
Aron Potter

Dr. Aron A. Potter

Vice President for Academic Services

  • Email Aron Potter
Photo of Dr. Brenda Pursley

Dr. Brenda Pursley

Paramedic Program Director

Profile of Clarence Ray

Clarence Ray

Construction Technology Instructor

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Photo of Cari Redden

Cari Redden

Director of Distance Education

  • Email Cari Redden
Profile of Kristi Reedy

Ms Kristi Reedy

Piano Instructor/Staff Accompanist

  • Email Kristi Reedy
Photo of Clint Ruttgen

Clint Ruttgen

Automotive Instructor - Labette County High School

Photo of David Sanford

David Sanford

Shooting Sports Coach/CDL Instructor

  • Email David Sanford
Photo of Jerrid Schicke

Jerrid Schicke

Head Women's Soccer Coach

  • Email Jerrid Schicke
Photo of Dean Senter

Dean Senter

Coordinator of Coffeyville Linemen Program

  • Email Dean Senter
Ky Shen

Ky Shen

Biology Instructor

  • Email Ky Shen
Photo of Wess Sisco

Wess Sisco

Welding Instructor

  • Email Wess Sisco
Meredith Smith Photo

Meredith Smith

Head Softball Coach

  • Email Meredith Smith
Rebecca Stone

Rebeccah Stone

Administrative Assistant to the Columbus Campus Director

  • Email Rebeccah Stone
Photo of Chelsea Strickland

Chelsea Strickland

Adjunct Computer Instructor

Photo of Darla Thornburg

Darla Thornburg

Business and Computer Technology Instructor

  • Email Darla Thornburg
Photo of Tighe VanAnne

Tighe VanAnne

Adjunct Fire Science Instructor

Johnny Weil

Johnny Weil

Head Rodeo Coach

  • Email Johnny Weil
Clint's Profile

Clint West

Construction Technology Instructor

  • Email Clint West
Profile of David Wiggins

Dr. David J. Wiggins

Director of Bands/Instrumental Music Instructor

  • Email David Wiggins
Ryan Willis

Ryan Willis

Math/Physics Instructor

  • Email Ryan Willis
Luke Wolgamott

Luke Wolgamott

Precision Machining - Labette County High School

Photo of Robert Wood

Robert Wood

Head Track and Field Coach

  • Email Robert Wood
Travis Young Portrait

Travis Young

Buisness Instructor

  • Email Travis Young