College Faculty Directory

Jason Armitage

Adjunct Social Science and Humanities Instructor

Scott Beckes

Student Success Center Assistant/International Student Coordinator

Jerry Bennett

Adjunct Fire Science Instructor

A.J. Beu

Director of Instrumental Music

Ellie Cameron

Adjunct Family and Consumer Sciences Instructor

Lisa Cummings

English Instructor/Honors Program Advisor

Delice Downing

Head Volleyball Coach/Student Life Director

Heidi Eck

Learning Lab Coordinator - Columbus

Marty Evensvold

Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Courey Feerer

Sociology Instructor/Native American Leadership Advisor

Pam Feerer

Senior Director of Academic Advising, Financial Aid and Student Success

Pam Franklin

Health Services Instructor

Michael Frazier

Automotive Service Aide - Columbus

Casey Goff

Adjunct EMT/Paramedic Instructor

James Grimmett

Fire Science Program Coordinator/Instructor

Kevin Hunt

Construction Technology Instructor

Shari Hurlbutt

Business and Computer Technology Instructor

Tom Kuhn

Electrical Technology Instructor

Jessica Mayfield

Medical Laboratory Technician Program Director

Josh Mecom

Adjunct Fire Science Instructor

Salina Meek

English/Communication Instructor

Susan Newman

Medical Laboratory Technician Instructor

Shawn Parker

Information Technology Instructor

Ginni Phillips

Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Services

Aron Potter

Vice President for Academic Services

Shon Price

Adjunct Fire Science Instructor

Clarence Ray

Construction Technology Instructor

Joe Rexwinkle

Adjunct Fire Science Instructor

Dean Senter

Coordinator of Coffeyville Linemen Program

Wendi Simmons

Medical Assistant Program Director/Instructor

Wess Sisco

Welding Instructor/Baxter Springs

Rebeccah Stone

Administrative Assistant - Columbus Campus

Darla Thornburg

Business and Computer Technology Instructor

Crockett Ward

Theatre Assistant/Student Life Manager