Interactive Design Curriculum

The Interactive Design curriculum provides students with the skills needed to professionally design and publish web pages and documents for print and digital media.  All of the courses provide hands-on training where students learn how to develop projects with text, graphics, sound, animation, and video as well as acquire fundamental principles of design. 

Interactive Design Courses

Recommended Interactive Design Courses:

Course Code
Course Title
Credit Hours
COMP-161 Computer Information Systems 3
COMP-162 Computer Concepts and Applications 3
COMP-277 Desktop Publishing:  Adobe InDesign** 3
COMP-284 Web Page Design:  HTML and CSS* 3
COMP-285 Image Manipulation:  Adobe Photoshop 3
COMP-286 Illustration:  Adobe Illustrator* 3
COMP-296 Web Animation 3
COMP-297 Web Page Design:  Adobe Dreamweaver** 3

*Offered only in the fall semester 
**Offered only in the spring semester

Description of Courses

COMP-161.  Computer Information Systems. 3 Hours.  This is a theory course designed to introduce students to the history, terminology and applications of computers.  The student will learn the fundamentals of Windows along with many of the application software programs including spreadsheets, word processing, databases and presentation software.  The fundamentals of computer programming will also be studied as well as the different programming languages currently being used in the industry.

COMP-162.  Computer Concepts and Applications.  3 Hours.  This course provides an introduction to computer concepts and terminology, information technology, and software applications used in business and industry.  Included are word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation management.

COMP-277.  Desktop Publishing: Adobe InDesign. 3 Hours.  This course will expose students to InDesign, a comprehensive software program that allows students to create output-ready layouts for anything from a simple coupon to an 8-page newsletter to a 120-page full-color magazine.  This program interfaces seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

COMP-284.  Web Page Design: HTML and CSS.  3 Hours.  This course introduces the student to the language of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS) for creating structured Web pages that are compliant with current Web standards.  Students will create, publish, test and maintain Web pages.  

COMP-285.  Image Manipulation: Adobe Photoshop.  3 Hours.  This course will expose students to a comprehensive understanding of Adobe Photoshop.  Students will develop creative projects through concise instructions, and complete coverage of basic to advanced Photoshop skills to help students create dynamic Photoshop art.

COMP-286.  Illustration: Adobe Illustrator.  3 Hours.  This course will expose students to creative projects, concise instructions, and complete coverage of basic to advanced Illustrator skills, helping students create polished, professional-looking illustrations.  Students will create everything from simple graphics, icons and text to complex and multilayered illustrations, all of which can be used within a page layout, in a multimedia presentation, or on the Web

COMP-296.  Web Animation.  3 Hours. This course will teach students how to use a multimedia authoring and computer animation program to create dynamic, compelling, and highly interactive Web content.  Students will use the animation program as a drawing tool, an animation environment, a programming language and a Web authoring package.  

COMP-297.  Web Page Design: Adobe Dreamweaver.  3 Hours.  The main purpose of this course is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Adobe Dreamweaver and the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to create, edit and publish Web sites.