Marketing and Sports Information

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Express your creative side!

Coffeyville Community College now offers scholarships for Marketing and Sports Information.

This scholarship is offered to students who show an interest in graphic design, sports media, journalism, photography, social media and assisting in campus events.

What does this scholarship get me?

  • Loan of books each semester.
  • In-state tuition to CCC.

Why CCC over another institution?

At CCC you will receive the opportunity to have your work published in various publications along with help putting together a professional portfolio to take on to a four-year institution and use toward your career goals.


If you are, please fill out this Scholarship Application form.


Ashley Tatman
Communication and Graphics Specialist
Coffeyville Community College
[email protected]

What you will do

  • Graphic Design
  • Sports Media
  • Journalism
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Assist in Campus Events

Marketing Scholarship Information Document Cover
What It's Like to Be on a Marketing Scholarship at CCC (PDF, opens in new window)