Honors Program Missions Statement

The mission of the Honors Program at Coffeyville Community College is to provide pathways for students interested in exploring a deeper path of academic study. Our goal is to support students in pursuing their academic goals while encouraging and facilitating growth in personal and academic talents. The Honors Program encourages collaborative learning, independent research, development of professional and academic relationships, and service to the college and surrounding community.

Eligibility to be a Member of the Honors Program

Acceptance into the honors program is not based on any single criterion such as standardized test scores, class rank or GPA. All applications will be examined to identify the most qualified students who will be invited to join the Honors Program. Students with good academics, activity involvement and/or strong leadership qualities are encouraged to apply.

Honors Program Features and Purposes

  • Members will have the opportunity to be involved in service projects, leadership courses and will be encouraged to be an integral part of the leadership activities offered on campus.
  • Members will work closely with the Honors Program Director to accomplish personal goals while attending CCC including excelling in academics while being involved in other activities.  
  • Members will be expected to participate in Program events and maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • Provide students with the opportunity to establish a strong academic record while becoming comfortable with the college experience.
  • Allow local students to continue their education with the support of family and friends while being part of an academically challenging curriculum that will prepare them for a four year university.
  • Make transferring to a four-year institution a seamless process while assisting each student in identifying their interests, strengths and eventual professional goals.

Honors Program

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