Choral Music

Concert Choir Performing

Coffeyville Community College gives you a strong foundation in the fundamentals of music and an impressive resume to take to a four-year college or university when you transfer.  There are numerous choirs, musical theatre productions and solo opportunities available for music students.  At CCC we embrace “professionalism” and “ensemble” to create a unified choral sound.

Performance Opportunities

There are many performance opportunities in the CCC Music Department.  Choral music students learn the fundamentals of singing chorally and as a soloist.  Students will perform concerts on-campus and off-campus. Selected students also have an opportunity to sing the National Anthem at College sporting events.


The vocal music department at Coffeyville Community College is a place to explore your musically creative side.

The music department is located in Nellis Hall.  The building has an acoustically sound choral room and soundproof practice room. 

The Coffeyville Community College Theatre is located in the Arts and Sciences Building.  The 327-seat open stage auditorium, renovated in 2001 with a new light and sound system, is the home of our concerts and musicals.

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Upcoming Events

NOV 30

Holiday/ Winter Concert

All Day Event

Spencer/Rounds Theatre


Spencer/Rounds Theatre


Spring Concert

7:00 PM

Spencer/Rounds Theatre


Spencer/Rounds Theatre