International Students Admission

Many International students enjoy the quiet, small town atmosphere provided by Coffeyville Community College.  Students with limited English proficiency also benefit from small classes and experienced teachers in developmental English classes. Students may utilize the Student Success Center or Learning Laboratory for tutoring and assistance in translation of documents.

Coffeyville Community College has a long and successful history of serving the needs of international students.  Coffeyville Community College has attracted students from around the world including: Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Germany, Togo, Nicaragua, Bulgaria, Colombia, Germany, Guatemala, Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, Peru, Venezuela and the Ukraine. Some of these students come from ELS Language Centers across the nation.

These students work, live and study with students from every part of the United States as well as within the local community. Furthermore, we will assist you with living on campus.

Requirements for admission are:

  1. Completed International Student Application for Admission before the application deadline.
  2. Transfer Student Application (if you have attended other post high school in America). 
    International Student Transfer Application
  3. $100 I-20/admission fee (in U.S. dollars), non-refundable.
  4. One half of an advanced deposit must be made prior to the issuance of an I-20 (refundable). The total advanced deposit required is $8,285 (in U.S. dollars) for non-scholarship students.  Deposit amounts for those on scholarship are determined on an individual basis according to what the scholarship covers. One half of the advance deposit must be made prior to the issuance of immigration documents. The remaining dollars are due prior to the first semester finalization. Payment may be made by check, money order or wire transfer. To learn more about the advanced deposit policy, please read the entire International Student Advance Deposit Policy
  5. Dorm Contract and Immunization Record/Waiver Form.
  6. Official school transcripts in English, high school (with graduation date) and above.
  7. Statement of financial resources, indicating at least $16,154 available for each year of attendance.
  8. Proof of American Health Insurance.
  9. TOEFL score of 450 (450 paper based test, 133 computer based test, and 45 for the internet based test)
  10. Copy of Current Passport.

I-901 SEVIS Fee

The I-901 SEVIS Fee is mandated by Congress to support the program office and the automated system that keeps track of students and exchange visitors and ensures that they maintain their status while in the United States. Each student or exchange visitor issued an initial Form I-20 or DS-2019 on or after September 1, 2004, is responsible for paying this fee to SEVP.

The payment website for this fee is at Continuing students and exchange visitors are not required to pay the fee except under certain circumstances.

For complete information on who needs to pay the fee (or does not need to) see the SEVP website at There is a complete list of questions and answers on all aspects of SEVIS I-901 fee payment.

The Coffeyville Community College advantages:

  • Downtown location.
  • On-Campus Residence Hall.
  • Internet access available to all students.
  • International Student Services advising.
  • Student health nurse services.
  • Safe, friendly community.
  • Secured Residence Hall Complex with full-time security escort staff.
  • Free tutorial service for all classes.
  • Reasonable educational costs.

International Application for Admission Forms

The following forms are in a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.

International Student Application for Admission (PDF,  opens in new window)

International Student Transfer Application (PDF, opens in new window)

International Student Application Deadline:

The application deadline for first-time or transfers International students is:

Fall Semester
●      First Time Students - July 1st
●      Transfer Students - July 15th
Spring Semester
●      First Time Students - November 15th
●      Transfer Students - December 1st
Summer Semester
●      First Time Students - May 1st
●      Transfer Students - May 15th


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International Student Applications for Admission

International Student Application for Admission (PDF,  opens in new window)

International Student Transfer Application (PDF, opens in new window)