Basic Consumer Info

As an institution who participates in the Federal Student Aid program, consumer information is available on the CCC web site. Upon request to the financial aid office, a paper copy of any desired document will be made available. Consumer information includes:

  • Annual Campus Security Report
  • Contact Information for assistance in obtaining institution or financial aid information
  • Student Financial Aid Information
  • Cost of Attending School
  • Academic Programs which includes educational programs, instructional facilities, institutional and program accreditation, and faculty.
  • Policies on Refund, Requirements for Withdrawal, Return of Title IV funds, vaccinations, missing persons, plus other academic policies which include transfer of credit policies, articulation agreements and copyright infringement policies
  • Facilities and services available to students with disabilities
  • HEA Right to Know - Graduation and completion rates, retention rates and student body diversity.
  • Summary of the Equity in Athletics Report
  • Release of Information Statement (FERPA)
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Information

Campus Security

Coffeyville Community College is committed to assisting all members of the College community in providing for their own safety and security.  CCC supports the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 and submits the annual security compliance document by October 1st of each year.  This document contains statistics on criminal offenses reported to campus security or local police agencies, how and to whom to report criminal actions or emergencies, crime prevention measures and policy information pertaining to the CCC campus. To receive a paper copy of the CCC "Crime Awareness & Campus Security of 1990" document, call 620-252-7137.

Campus Security Report

Missing Person Procedure

Financial Aid Assistance Information

Below is a summary of financial aid resources available at CCC. For additional information, please check out the Financial Aid section of the CCC web site.

Types of Federal Aid

Federal PELL Grants

PELL Grants are intended to be the financial base for all students applying for federal financial aid. Other forms of aid may be added to the PELL grant to meet a student’s total financial need. Students wishing to apply for any form of aid must apply for the PELL Grant because it is the basis for determining all other aid awarded. The PELL Grant award is a grant and does not have to be repaid. Eligibility and the actual amount of the student’s award are determined by the U.S. Department of Education on the basis of the student’s own financial resources coupled with the student’s family’s resources and the total appropriation allotted by the federal government of the program for each academic year.

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants (FSEOG)

FSEOG are for the student with exceptional financial need who without the grant would be unable to continue his or her education. The grant is not a loan and need not be repaid. The student receiving the FSEOG Grant must also be receiving a PELL Grant.

College Work-Study Program

The College Work-Study Program provides jobs for a student who has a financial need and wishes to work while in college. Earnings from these jobs are expected to be applied to the student’s educational expenses. Job assignments will be at various campus work stations, and the type of work will vary with the needs of the college. A student is eligible to earn up to an amount specified by the Financial Aid Office. In arranging a job and determining how many hours a week the student may work under this program, the financial aid officer will take into account: (1) the student’s NEED for financial assistance, and (2) the student’s class schedule.

Student Loans

The maximum amount for any student is set by federal law. A Master Promissory Note, as well as Entrance and Exit Counseling are required, and eligible amounts are calculated by the Financial Aid Office.

Deadline for processing student loans is April 1st. Financial Aid file and all loan paperwork must be received by April 1st or the loan request may be refused.  Special circumstances will be considered.

Scholarships and Other Resources

Students are encouraged to seek scholarships from private sources and Coffeyville Community College, as well as to utilize other resources such as Community Scholarships, or veteran's benefits. Although federal regulations and Institutional policies require that these forms of assistance be counted as financial resources when determining eligibility for need-based aid, they will improve your overall aid package. These scholarships and other resources will first be used to meet any gap between the cost of attendance, the SAI, and the financial aid offered. Next, they will reduce the amount of loan or Work-Study offered.


The eligibility for receiving financial assistance is determined by comparing the cost of attending Coffeyville Community College with the parents’ and the students’ ability to contribute toward his/her expenses. Financial assistance is viewed as being supplemental to all other resources to meet these costs.

The evaluated financial need equals the difference between the total cost of attending Coffeyville Community college (including all college charges - room and board, books and supplies, personal expenses, and allowable travel expenses) and the ability of the family to contribute to those educational costs. The factors taken into consideration when evaluating the expected contribution include parental income and assets, and benefits such as those from Social Security, Veterans Administration, rehabilitation awards from outside agencies, and the student’s assets and expected savings from employment. The basis for determining the family contribution is from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Continued eligibility for the various financial aid programs will require the following: (a) continued enrollment; (b) satisfactory academic standing and the progression toward a degree; (c) properly completed and timely filed applications; (d) all college accounts due and payable being current; (e) remain eligible by the individual program guidelines; (f) sign a notarized affidavit that all federal financial aid funds received will be used for the applicable payment period for educational expenses; (g) not owe a refund on a Pell Grant or Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant; (h) not have defaulted on a student loan; (i) must be in compliance with selective service registration laws; (j) must not engage in the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of a controlled substance during the time period covered by the Pell Grant.

How Need-Based Aid is Awarded

If the Cost of Attendance (Budget) - Student Aid Index = Need for Aid calculation indicates that you are eligible for financial aid, you may be awarded a financial aid package/offer that consists of a combination of grants. Scholarships are authorized by scholarship sponsors, which may also be awarded. Student loans and Work-Study are available upon request and awarded after eligibility is determined. Work-Study and Federal Supplemental Educational Grants are limited funds and awarded to students on a first come, first serve basis, as soon as financial aid files are completed. The Financial Aid Office attempts to distribute grant, loan, and Work-Study funds equitably among the population of all eligible applicants.

Every student who applies for aid is awarded the maximum amount of grant funds for which he or she is eligible. A student whose parents do not have sufficient resources to contribute very much to his or her education may receive more grant funds than a student whose family can make a more substantial contribution. Whatever your family situation, you can be sure that you will be treated fairly and equitably with respect to students in similar financial circumstances.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students receiving Financial Aid have certain rights and responsibilities under the Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, College Work-study Program, Guaranteed Student Loan and other aid programs.

Student Rights and Responsibilities Information from CCC's Financial Aid Web Site

Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study is a need based employment program where students are allowed the chance to work an on-campus or a community service job in order to earn funds to help with their educational expenses. Students must file the FAFSA and complete all necessary financial aid paperwork before they can apply for work study.

Federal Work Study Information from CCC's Financial Aid Web Site

Student Loan Terms and Loan Exit Counseling

See the Direct Loan Process page on the CCC Financial Aid web site for details on loan terms and required loan exit counseling.

CCC Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Individuals who fail to maintain reasonable academic progress may have their financial aid terminated. For additional information, the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy is available on CCC's Financial Aid Web Site.

Return of Title IV Funds

Title IV funds are awarded to a student under the assumption that the student will attend school for the entire period for which the assistance is awarded. When a student withdraws, the student may no longer be eligible for the full amount of Title IV funds that the student was originally scheduled to receive.

If a recipient of Title IV grant or loan withdraws from a school after beginning attendance, the amount of Title IV grant or loan assistance earned by the student must be determined. If the amount disbursed to the student is greater than the amount the student earned, unearned funds must be returned. Federal grant money determined to be returned by the student is considered an overpayment. The student must repay the amount in full or make satisfactory repayment arrangements with either Coffeyville Community College or the U.S. Department of Education. Repayment arrangements must be made by the student within 45 days of the date the college notifies the student of the overpayment status. The student is ineligible for future Federal financial assistance if a satisfactory repayment arrangement has not been met.

Cost of Attendance Table

The Cost of Attendance Table for Coffeyville Community College is the most recent version available.

Academic Programs and Policies


Coffeyville Community College was founded in 1923 and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

Coffeyville Community College's accreditation status can be verified at any time.

To receive a paper copy of the school's accreditation, contact the Vice President for Academic Services.

Degree Programs and Training

Degrees Offered at CCC

Areas of Study Offered at CCC (Transfer Degree Programs and Technical Programs)

Faculty and Instructional Personnel

Withdrawing From School

A student who wishes to withdraw from the College before the end of the semester must complete an official Schedule Change Form and confer with the Director of Advising, Registrar, Financial Aid Director, and Business Office Clerk. Technical Division students would contact the Technical Campus Central Office. A student remains responsible for payment of tuition and fees if the withdrawal occurs after the tuition refund date. Additionally, a student who attends less than sixty (60) percent of the allotted class time and receives federal financial aid will be responsible for returning a portion of that aid. A student who officially withdraws from the College before the withdrawal deadline will receive a “W” (no credit or penalty) for each course. Unless all the steps of this procedure have been taken, the student will not receive honorable dismissal and the semester grades will be recorded as assigned by instructors.

Refund Policy

Payment of tuition, fees and residential housing are due before the first day of classes. The enrollment is not finalized until payment is made in full, payment options have been set up or Financial Aid is confirmed. If Financial Aid does not cover the student account balance, a payment is required. If Financial Aid is not confirmed, a payment is required. The Business Office can accept payments over the phone via credit/debit card or log into Raven Access.

Exact dates of the refund periods are published in the official class schedules and student handbook for each semester and summer sessions. No partial refunds are allowed after the published dates.

Accommodations for Students with Special Needs

The Director of Advising and Student Success Center advises and provides support services to all students with mental or physical disabilities covered under ADA or the 1973 Rehabilitation Act. Instructions on how to request special accommodations and documentation required are provided.

Copyright Infringement Policy

Coffeyville Community College is committed to teaching each student the importance of having a high level of academic and personal integrity. Therefore, students are expected to adhere to the college’s copyright infringement policy.

Graduation and Completion Rates, Retention Rates, and Student Body Diversity

A report documenting Coffeyville Community College’s graduation and completion rates, retention rates and student body diversity is available.

Graduation, Completion Rates, Retention Rates, Student Body Diversity Report

Summary of the Equity in Athletics Report

The Equity in Athletics Reports for Coffeyville Community College is available.

In addition, data for Coffeyville Community College and any other U.S. institution participating in inter-collegiate athletics can be found on this U.S. Department of Education website.

Release of Information (FERPA)

In compliance with Section 99.37 of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Coffeyville Community College has adopted a policy to protect the privacy of all students. Upon request, a student of CCC will be granted access to any or all records pertaining directly to said student as do parents of students under the age of 18. No personally identifiable records will be released from CCC without the written consent of the student. Within the provisions of the Act, access will be granted to the following persons or agencies without the consent of the student: school officials who have a legitimate educational interest; officials of schools to which the student wishes to transfer; authorized representatives of the Comptroller General of the United States; and authorized representatives of other institutions in connection with the student’s application or receipt of financial aid.

The College does publish brochures, catalogs, guidebooks, news releases, sports information, honor rolls and graduation lists to various sources including four-year institutions which contain information that specifically identifies students and information about them. This is referred to as directory information and may be released collectively or individually unless a student within a reasonable time after the start of the semester notifies the Executive Vice President for College Affairs & Student Services in writing that any or all the categories listed below (designated directory information) should not be released without prior written consent.

Directory Information: student name, local address, telephone listing, e-mail address, parent and next-of-kin information, home town address, date and place of birth, sex, marital status, classification, class schedule, date of college attendance, major/minor fields of study, awards received, participation in officially recognized sports (wt., ht., position, etc.) and photographs including student I.D. pictures. CCC may also disclose, in response to law enforcement request, information for the purpose of identifying or locating a suspect, fugitive, material witness or missing person the following information: name, address, date and place of birth, social security number, description of distinguishing physical characteristics such as height, weight, gender, race, hair color, scars, tattoos, etc.

Immunization Policy/TB Evaluations and Testing Policy

Coffeyville Community College has implemented policies regarding student immunizations and a policy regarding TB testing for international students and for other students who have travelled outside the U.S. within the past twelve months. Details of these policies are provided.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Information

Coffeyville Community College's policy on alcoholic beverages and use of illegal substances is in compliance with state and federal laws. The Alcohol and Drug Education Service at Coffeyville Community College offers timely and accurate information on the physical effects and social issues related to alcohol and other drug use and abuse. Campus services provided include individual counseling regarding alcohol and other drug issues, alcohol/drug information, basic assessment and intervention assistance, educational presentations, and professional referral resources.

More Information about CCC's Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program