Coffeyville Community College Foundation

Making Waves Auction Illustration Noting Dates of May 15-31 For Auction

The CCC Foundation is in its 34th year of holding scholarship auctions. Each year, the main goal of supporters and donors of the college is to help more people afford an education. Scholarship recipients, in turn, use their new skills and knowledge to make a positive difference for their families and communities. The donors and supporters in this cause helps build a better future for all of us.

How you can support The CCC Foundation

People often ask how does The CCC Foundation raise money to support the scholarship programs on campus? The Foundation sponsors two major fundraising events each year, the Phon-a-Thon, held each fall, and the endowment auction, held each spring. These events are very important to The Foundation, but alone they represent only one-third of the total annual commitment we make to Coffeyville Community College. With this in mind, the following information explains additional ways you may support The CCC Foundation.


Dickie Rolls
Executive Director
Phone: (620) 252-7575

Travis Young
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (620) 252-7070