Digital Communications

Coffeyville’s Digital Communications program is designed to help students begin to experience what it is like in the live broadcast and video production network. From covering the basics to state of the art technology and workflows students will be able to transfer to a four year institution or jump into professional employment.

Available Broadcast Positions

The broadcast Director position is an important position to the stream. Each stream will require one Director to lead the broadcast stream through the entire broadcast. You will call the camera shots, direct the camera ops on what shots you are looking for, and be responsible for the quality of the production. The director must be well versed in all areas of the production and able to communicate clearly with the entire team showing leadership skills. Director is responsible for the setup of the video switcher, comms system, audio, and multiview display. 

The camera operator is a key element of any broadcast. Dividing the visuals the camera operator is responsible for capturing the event for the audience. Under the direction of the director, the camera ops will perform strategic camera movements, zoom, focus, and angle to capture the action. Some operators will be stationary on sticks (Tripod) or mobile whether it be wireless or hardwire video connections. Operators will listen for the director's instructions through comms systems. Camera equipment will be set up by the operator including the power and video connection to the video switcher.

As a sportscaster you will need to know the ins and outs of the sporting event you are calling. You will be an on-air talent that will need to be well versed in sports information, and keep up with team stats including the opposing team. You will open the broadcast, give play-by-play or color commentating, take the broadcast to break, and close out the broadcast. CCC broadcasting partners with KGGF radio to stream US 98’s audio for the play-by-play for football and M/W Basketball. In partnership with KGGF, select students may join in on the broadcast with KGGF to get a feel for radio sportscasting. Sportscasters will also run the audio board during the broadcast in clouding the broadcast music tracks.

The Replay Technician will be responsible for capturing and storing Replays for instant Replay and Highlight reels. Setting up the equipment to maintain an efficient workflow. Set up and prepare Offical Replay for Football and Basketball games.

As the Graphics Technician you will be responsible for updating the score, and managing the graphics packages. This position will also be responsible for ensuring the live stream goes live and continues to stay live. 

The pregame Graphics Specialist will prepare and make the graphics for the games of that week in advance. This position will report to the marketing department once every two weeks to create the graphics for the games for the next two weeks.

Available Channel 21 Positions

This position would be responsible for creating content to do on the College's TV channel 21. You would work closely with your editor and create new packages, talk shows, highlights, or even entertainment clips to run on the channel.

This position will work closely with the Channel Videographer and producer to take the media and create a story. They will work with Premiere Pro and/or After Effects to edit the content to be broadcasted on the channel. They will also be responsible for closed captioning all content to be aired on the Channel.

Special Opportunities

The first two years of study are similar for all students planning a degree in Digital Communications. You as a student will be able to experience the behind the seanse of a live brodcast and pertisipate in the production of some of our instituional film projects!  When brodcasting a home sporting event, theatre performance, music concert, or caremony you get the opertunity to run a camera, edit graphics, run replays, call the game, or even call the shots as the director. Also in video production you will see the whole process from start to finish on creating a film or video production from consept and script to shoting and editing. Most if not all projects will be distrubuted across the instituional social platforms and possibly our vary own tv chanel, chanel 21.

But it does not stop there... Do you have an interest in radio or podcasting? Well... in the Digital Communications program we partner with KGGF Radio here in Coffeyville to give our students the experience of live radio. At all of our Red Ravens Athletics home games KGGF alows interested students to sit in with the comentators and even report on air. Also partnering with KGGF Radio in hosting our sports stream we are able to reach a larger viewing audience. At times our brodcasts will reach upwards to 5,000+ viewers.

In the two year Digital Communications program, the classes you select will prepare you for transfer to a four-year institution and will provide you the technical skills to enter the professional field after graduation.

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