CCC Adjusts Tuition and Fees to Offset Local and State Reductions

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Coffeyville Community College is committed to providing a quality education to meet the needs of our students and community. As such, CCC has made every effort possible to maintain an affordable tuition rate without increasing the tax burden of stakeholders.

The last tuition and fee increase for CCC was in 2016. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond CCC's control at the state and local level has prompted the CCC Board of Trustees to proactively evaluate the future financial needs of the institution. The results of this endeavor will allow the institution to maintain its quality level of performance without increasing the mill levy. 

Effective beginning the Spring 2019 semester, Coffeyville Community College will be increasing its tuition and fees from $72 per credit hour to $85 per credit hour for local and in-state residents. Out-of-state and international tuition and fee rates will also increase by $13 per credit hour.

CCC will remain the lowest per credit hour institution in Kansas according to the rates displayed on each institutions' individual websites.  The CCC Board of Trustees has made a conscious effort to be good stewards of the institutions' resources and reduce the tax burden of stakeholders. Implementation of this increase will address both of these initiatives. 

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