Jayhawk Conference Announces No Spectators Will Be Allowed at Athletic Events Through Feb. 5th

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The Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference (KJCCC) has announced that no spectators will be allowed at any KJCCC athletic event through February 5, 2021.  Only athletic team members/coaches, cheerleaders, school band members, media personnel, and game personal will be allowed into the events.

The KJCCC will revisit their decision in late January on whether or not to continue the "no spectator" rule on contests dated after February 5th.

This decision will affect five home dates for Coffeyville Community College. 

No spectators will be allowed at the following home CCC dates; Men’s basketball (Jan 20th & Jan 23rd), Women’s basketball (Jan 17th), and Men’s and Women’s Basketball (Jan 30th) along with Women’s Volleyball (Jan 28th).  All five of those dates/events will be live-streamed and can be viewed at redravenathletics.com, Coffeyville Community College’s athletic website.