Jayhawk Conference Sets 25% Fan Capacity Limit at Athletic Events Starting Feb. 6th

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The following statement was released by the KJCCC in accordance with an update to their current spectator policy:

"The Presidents and athletic directors of the member schools of the Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference (KJCCC) met via Zoom call this afternoon and made changes to the fan admission policy for conference events.  The key change was to allow fans up to 25% of the venue capacity beginning with the Feb. 6 games and events. Key points that were passed during the meeting include:

Beginning February 6, 2021, those KJCCC member may allow spectators to attend up to 25% capacity. This decision will be reviewed March 1, 2021, at which time the capacity limit may be increased, decreased, or remain steady.

All fans must wear masks for both indoor and outdoor venues. There will be no concessions allowed.

KJCCC member institutions are not required to have an allotment of tickets available for visiting fans. Visiting fans may purchase tickets in accordance with the host schools attendance/ticketing policy.

There must be a minimum six-foot area marked off separating the teams and participants from the spectators. If schools can provide a larger buffer between fans and the playing surface they are encouraged to do so."