Coffeyville Community College Partners with Artists of Note for Inspirational Humanities Performances

Coffeyville Community College Sign

Coffeyville Community College is delighted to announce its renewed collaboration with Artists of Note to bring talented live performers from across the United States to enrich the Humanities class on the main campus. These captivating performances are an integral part of the curriculum and are open to the community for free.

The Spencer / Rounds Theatre, located on the main campus, will host these extraordinary performances every Tuesday at 9:30 am, creating a unique and culturally immersive experience for students and community members. The series kicks off on January 23rd and will continue until April 23rd- 12 Tuesdays.

This partnership with Artists of Note reflects Coffeyville Community College's commitment to providing students with a holistic education beyond the classroom. Students can engage with various art forms by integrating live performances into the Humanities class, fostering a deeper understanding of culture, history, and human expression.

The schedule promises a diverse range of performances, offering something for everyone. From thought-provoking storytelling to soul-stirring musical acts, the series aims to captivate and inspire audiences of all ages.

Interested individuals can visit the official Coffeyville Community College website at for detailed information about the performers and their scheduled appearances.

Please check CCC's social media pages or website for changes.  Performances are subject to change.