CCC Recruiter to Hit the Road in Flaming Raven Car

CCC Recruiter to Hit the Road in Flaming Raven Car

What used to "old blue," has turned into an eye-catcher on the road for CCC's recruiting car.

Coffeyville Community College is eager to start the recruiting season with what looks like a new asset but, in reality, is a new paint job.

In previous years, CCC recruiter, Chris Cameron, has traveled to recruitment locations in what was known as Old Blue, a powder blue 1998 Ford Crown Victoria.
“It all started last recruitment season when I had been on the road for 5 weeks with Old Blue,” said Cameron. “I thought it was ironic because I was driving a blue vehicle but representing the Coffeyville RED Ravens.”

Concluding his travels, Cameron eagerly brainstormed a way to help promote CCC recruitment. While giving a campus tour, alongside D.J. Johnson, Auto Collison Repair Instructor, the idea to paint Old Blue sparked.

“I was listening to D.J. explain all the great things our students could do within the Auto Collision program,” explained Cameron. “I asked if he would be able to paint flames on my recruitment car and when he said ‘absolutely,’ I went straight to President Moley to pitch the idea.”

The project was started early spring 2015 by the Auto Collision students and finished this fall with the guidance of the instructor.

“All the credit goes to D.J. Johnson and his crew, they made it happen,” said Cameron. “It’s a fantastic recruitment tool because it’s a great representation of what our students learn and can do.”

Cameron starts his round of recruitment travels next week and is eager to show off his new ride.