Coffeyville Technical Campus Staff Directory

Photo of Eric Britts

Eric Britts

Part-Time Machining Instructor - Labette County High School

Photo of Tyler Cares

Tyler Cares

Construction Technology Instructor - Labette County High School

Profile of Michaela

Michaela Carnes

Welding Instructor

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Photo of Casey Goff

Casey Goff

EMT/Paramedic Instructor

Photo of Delia Goff

Delia Goff

Paramedic Program Assistant

  • Email Delia Goff
Photo of James Grimmett

James Grimmett

Fire Science Program Coordinator/Instructor

  • Email James Grimmett
Photo of Sunne Groth

Sunne Groth

Adjunct Nursing Instructor

  • Email Sunne Groth
Scott Hammer

Scott Hammer

Welding Instructor

  • Email Scott Hammer
Tom Kuhn

Tom Kuhn

Electrical Technology Instructor

  • Email Tom Kuhn
Photo of Jessica Mayfield

Jessica Mayfield

Medical Laboratory Technician Program Director

  • Email Jessica Mayfield
Photo of Susan McDaniel

Susan McDaniel

Adjunct Allied Health Instructor

Profile of Dora Morris

Dora Morris

Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Career & Tech Education

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Susan Newman

Susan Newman

Medical Laboratory Technician Instructor

  • Email Susan Newman
Profile of Anastasia O'Connell

Anastasia O'Connell

Director of Nursing

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Shawn Parker

Shawn Parker

Information Technology Instructor

  • Email Shawn Parker
Profile of Heather Pollet

Heather Pollet

Dean of Career/Technical Education

  • Email Heather Pollet
Photo of Brenda Pursley

Brenda Pursley

Paramedic Program Director

Profile of Clarence Ray

Clarence Ray

Construction Technology Instructor

  • Email Clarence Ray
Photo of Belinda Robison

Belinda Robison

Learning Lab Coordinator

  • Email Belinda Robison
Profile of Cleo Ruark

Cleo Ruark

Precision Machining Instructor

  • Email Cleo Ruark
Photo of Clint Ruttgen

Clint Ruttgen

Automotive Instructor - Labette County High School

Photo of David Sanford

David Sanford

Shooting Sports Coach/CDL Instructor

  • Email David Sanford
Photo of Dean Senter

Dean Senter

Coordinator of Coffeyville Linemen Program

  • Email Dean Senter
Roy Shafer

Roy Shafer

Automotive Service Instructor

  • Email Roy Shafer
Photo of Wess Sisco

Wess Sisco

Welding Instructor

  • Email Wess Sisco
Profile of Brooka Thomsen-Martin

Brooka Thomsen-Martin

Nursing Instructor

  • Email Brooka Thomsen-Martin
Profile of John

John Young

Collision Repair Instructor

  • Email John Young