Golf Cart a Tradition of CCC Endowment Auction

Golf Cart a Tradition of CCC Endowment Auction

The golf cart sold at the 2015 CCC Foundation endowed scholarship auction.

The Coffeyville Community College Technical Campus has raised over $28,000 for Technical scholarships through what has now become an annual collaborative project of several Tech programs.

Each year a golf cart is purchased to be completely overhauled for the sole purpose of raising money for Technical scholarships. Once received the Automotive Service students disassemble the golf cart and disperse the parts to the appropriate programs.

Welding builds a custom bumper and ensures the frame is solid and cleared for use. Precision Machining creates elements that enhance the appearance of the cart like the wheel plates and tags. The Auto Service and Electrical programs work to ensure that all the mechanics and electrical components of the cart exceed industry standards. This includes installing a 4” lift kit and customized tires and wheels to increase the uniqueness of the cart. Tires and wheels are donated each year by Gail Smith of Dollar Tire Co.

Lastly, Auto Collision is responsible for any repairs, paint and graphics made to the body and roof of the cart making it a popular one-of-a-kind item for the auction.

The success of this project would not be possible without the collaborative efforts of each of these programs, students and faculty members that represent them.