Board of Trustees' Welcome

Welcome to Coffeyville Community College.  CCC is a great college and prides itself as being one of the finest community colleges in the nation.

The cornerstone of Coffeyville Community College is its commitment to excellence.  Since 1923, CCC has continued to build a rich tradition of excellence by expanding and creating additional, broad-based learning and enrichment opportunities for students and for the community.  CCC is primarily a residential college, and we are committed to provide our learners with a total college experience.  That has been the case for more than 85 years and will not ever change.

Coffeyville Community College’s strengths include excellence in academic and technical education, and diversified student life, complimented by exemplary, competitive athletics, activities and programs. CCC is committed to assisting every single student in achieving their lifelong goals and a successful future.

You will discover CCC is a very unique place.  Students do not ever forget their Red Raven years.  A special 
relationship is established with all of our students, and this relationship lasts for a lifetime.  We will be very pleased to welcome you to our campus and to share your experiences as a Coffeyville Community College student.

Coffeyville Community College has a tremendous future which includes growth and prosperity.  We invite you to choose Coffeyville Community College as you continue your education and begin your pathway to enrichment and success.  You will be forever thankful that you did!

The Coffeyville Community College
Board of Trustees