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2 CCC Games Playing a 1st Person Shooting GameeSports is a competitive activity involving video games. Popular genres of eSports include real-time strategy, first-person shooter and massively multiplayer online games. Starting in the fall of 2019, Coffeyville Community College will compete against colleges around the nation.

Coffeyville Community College will provide the following facilities and opportunities for students competing in eSports.

  • Gaming lab for practices and competitions.
  • Play a variety of computer games.
  • Coach to guide training.
  • Competitions against other schools.
  • A fun, supportive environment.

Scholarships are now available for eSports at Coffeyville Community College. 

Scholarships will cover tuition and loan of books. If you are interested in becoming a trailblazing member of the first-ever Red Raven eSports team, fill out an eSports Scholarship Application.