Improv Comedy Troupe

Pickled Pork Improv Comedy on Stage

2017-18 Schedule

Dates and Times TBA

Free Admission, Theatre

Improvisational Comedy Top 9 Questions (To Get Started)

  1. What is improvisation? Non-scripted, made up, original sketches, games, and characters created by an ensemble of trained performers.  Improvisation can also be created by audience suggestions.
  2. What is the improv comedy troupe at CCC? It consists of CCC students and community members who take turns performing at various shows at the college, the community, and surrounding areas.
  3. What are warm-up games? At the beginning of each improv workshop, the first hour is devoted to movement and mind exercises.  This frees the performer of tension and helps create the ensemble.
  4. What kind of work can I get after leaving CCC with improvisation training? Many CCC students go for more training at a four year college after graduation.  We will help students find a college that suits them.  If they do not wish to continue with school, then training programs, such as Second City, or another improvisation training program may be an option.
  5. 5.  What are performance games? Performance games are those which are performed during shows and practiced during workshops.  This is where most of the audience participation comes into play.  This is where the performer is able to work to their fullest on spontaneity and creating characters and scenarios per the audience’s request.
  6. When do they perform? The Improv Comedy Troupe performs two times a school year on campus and performs for groups and schools off campus.  We are always interested in taking the show on the road, so call us.
  7. How can I become a member of the improv comedy troupe? Students wishing to be considered for the improvisational comedy troupe need to contact CCC's Theatre Director Caitlin Almond.
  8.  What kind of school is Coffeyville Community College? Coffeyville Community College is a rural two-year liberal arts college and technical school founded in 1923 and provides transfer and vocational programs.  Small classes provide an opportunity for students to meet with instructors who are dedicated to teaching and learning rather than research.  Coffeyville is located in southeast Kansas on the Oklahoma-Kansas border, 75 miles north of Tulsa.  Missouri and Arkansas are within easy driving distance as well.
  9. Why is our improvisation program unique from other colleges? No other college in Kansas had an improv troupe prior to CCC's in 1995. Fast forward to the present and a dozen of two year and four year Kansas college now have improv troupes modeled after our troupe. We have had many former CCC students move on to Second City in Chicago after attending CCC.