Ryan Butcher

Ryan Butcher

English Instructor

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Ryan Butcher has been a trivia nerd since before it was cool. In high school, this meant spending way too much time on the internet reading articles about how stuff worked and much less time spent doing well on the soccer team (this is why he never got above JV). Somehow despite all this, he managed to graduate and go to Northeastern State University.

In college Ryan transferred this love of reading to literature and made the insane decision to become an English teacher. Even after 6 years of writing essays, papers, and a master’s thesis, he had miraculously not been broken of this enjoyment and found his way to Coffeyville Community College as an English instructor. It wouldn’t be long before he discovered the Academic Challenge program and how much fun it was to sit in a room with a bunch of people who liked learning random stuff, all while smashing buzzers down.

Outside of trivia and reading way too much, Ryan enjoys running, long walks on the beach, and playing video games.

M.A., Northeastern State University
B.A., Northeastern State University